7 essential tricks to become a world-class PUBG Mobile gamers
7 essential tricks to become a world-class PUBG Mobile gamers Tutorial

7 essential tricks to become a world-class PUBG Mobile gamers

PUBG Mobile has increasingly drawn the attention of gamers. Despite being an F2P video game, PUBG Mobile gives players amazing experiences.

It seems that there are countless tips for beginners to play PUBG Mobile. How about PUBG Mobile advanced tips? Some of them are hardly recognized. Only sharp-eyed players can spot the 7 tips below while experiencing PUBG. Let’s explore them.

1. Pay attention to distance rendering to avoid being killed

This is considered an essential tip for top gamers. Quite a few players are knocked out because of distance rendering. They think that it is safe to hide in the grass, but it is not as simple as that. The grass in the game can be rendered at a distance of fewer than 150 meters. When your enemies stand 150 meters far from the grass, they cannot see this grass. Instead, they will see your character crawling and creeping in an open field. At that time, you face a possible risk of being shot. However, it is advisable to take advantage of this game feature when you hunt for rivals in the grassy areas.


PUBG distance rendering

2. Dodge vehicles

In PUBG, it is not rare to encounter weird drivers who are fond of defeating their enemies with their vehicles. This situation usually occurs at the beginning of the game when the gamers who are prone to be crushed into have few weapons in hand for fighting; hence, avoiding the collision is the only way to survive this attack. First of all, keep in mind that you have to move continuously to maintain your speed, otherwise, you are likely to lose your life in a blink. Next, you can escape from these drivers by abruptly changing your direction.

3. Jump over the house roof through the balcony door

In some buildings, there are small balconies with a main door that can be opened. It is the key factor that makes the difference between inexperienced and professional players. The gifted gamers will make use of the parapet outside the balcony and the opened door to jump on the roof effortlessly, thereby gaining a 360-degree vision on the map to come up with effective strategies.

In short, you can follow the steps below: first, open the door leading to the balcony; second, jump on the parapet opposite the opened door; third, jump over the door and finally, climb up the roof.


Jump over the house roof in PUBG Mobile

4. Throw a fake grenade to trap your enemy

This tip is extremely useful in case you cope with the rivals that love camping. If you don’t carry a genuine Fragmentation Grenade, you can toss your Stun Grenade or Smoke Grenade to the enemy. In fact, it is quite difficult to distinguish between the sounds of grenade types. Your enemies will definitely take to their heels. This is a good chance for you to head towards and attack them.


Throw a fake grenade in PUBG Mobile

5. Turn difficult terrain to your advantages

During the battle, sometimes, you will be driven into uneven terrain. Nonetheless, don’t panic. Actually, this situation can surprisingly turn out to be an advantage. Your enemy is not able to shoot you when you are staying in deep water. Therefore, you should keep standing there. When you need to take a breath, then raise yourself up to inhale and dive afterward. Please act wisely by waiting for the opponents to all defeat each other. After that, you seize this opportunity to furtively swim to the shore, approach your last rival and put an end to his life.


Difficult terrain in PUBG Mobile

6. Seek for a partner or a team to join in

In the world of PUBG, you are forced to confront countless difficulties when groping through the space riddled with dangers by yourself. Instead of fighting alone, why don’t you seek for a partner or team to coordinate? It is said that “together we can change the world.” You will learn a host of helpful gaming tips from your teammates. In addition, collecting items, shadowing enemies, designing strategies and getting into fights in groups are always more likely to win than single-handed fighting.

7. Consider when to fight and when to run away

In some cases, despite seeing opponents in sight while holding a gun with an 8x viewfinder, you are not encouraged to shoot them if you are not 100% certain that you will kill the enemies with a headshot. The reason is that if you cannot put an end to their lives, you may be detected and attacked. Ironically, there are a considerable number of players that are caught or killed in that situation.


Shooting tip in PUBG Mobile

For another example, when you hide somewhere and see someone coming into your building, you can make a sudden attack and catch them quickly. In contrast, if you accidentally reveal your traces, you are at high risk of being assassinated by a grenade destroying the building. Don’t let yourself pop off in such a careless way.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced PUBG gamer, these tips will help you to reach new heights in PUBG. Hope that you will have fun with this game.