7 Exclusive Factors Making PUBG Mobile Greater Than PUBG PC

7 Exclusive Factors Making PUBG Mobile Greater Than PUBG PC

App name: 7 Exclusive Factors Making PUBG Mobile Greater Than PUBG PC
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Updated: 20-07-2018

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has emerged as a striking phenomenon since its inception in 2017. Following in PUBG’s footsteps, many other battle royale style games like Fortnite rapidly appeal to gamers’ attractions. Taking advantages of the success of PUBG PC, PUBG Corp released PUBG Mobile, which shows a range of distinctive characteristics that gamers might never experience.

Automatically pick up items

One of the most necessary skills on the PUBG PC is looting. To loot successfully, you have to spend a lot of time getting acquainted with PUBG items such as guns, bullets, backpacks, hats and armor. In particular, it is difficult to memorize types of guns and identify which bullets or accessories match your weapons. However, this task becomes much easier on PUBG Mobile because the game owns the feature of automatically picking up items. Even it can distinguish kinds of items, thus helping you to collect advanced items. In general, you can save much time while looting on PUBG Mobile.


Automatically pick up items

Just confront bots at the beginning of the game

When starting the game on your PC, many of you look so naive because of a lack of knowledge of gameplay, maps and weapons. Consequently, you cannot anticipate dangerous situations and get a risk of being killed with a headshot by your enemies. Everything will change for better when you enjoy PUBG Mobile. The goal of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” will become affordable for you. The reason is that in the early game, instead of facing skilled gamers, you just confront wide-eyed bots. The game publisher explained that PUBG Mobile was designed in that way so that newbies achieved several wins; therefore, they would not leave the game too early.


Confront bots in PUBG

Display the distance between the jump point and the plane

Different from the PC version, the PUBG Mobile helps players to specify the distance between the mark on the map and the plane’s location. In case you are still on the plane, this feature lets you know how far it is from the plane to jumping point and when you should use a parachute. Actually, as a skilled gamer or a person eager for shooting, you should parachute in crowded areas. Unluckily, you are not experienced at shooting, then it is necessary for you to jump as soon as possible in populous places. Depending on your level, you have to catch the right time to reach land at the highest speed.


Display the distance in PUBG

Shoot more easily with Auto-Aim

With Auto-Aim, PUBG Mobile makes it easier to shoot and defeat enemies than PUBG PC. The game will automatically aim your gun at enemies when you take your gun closer to the targets. As a result, you can kill enemies more easily.

Furthermore, PUBG PC often creates shaking effects when you shoot at the opponents. However, due to the distinctive characteristics of the touch mechanism on PUBG Mobile, most players remain in one position during gunfights. Therefore, shots move more accurately than the game on PC.


Auto Aim in PUBG Mobile

Have a map showing route

If PUBG has ever engrossed you, you may find it annoying to look at the map to see where the plane will fly. As usual, flight paths are hard to identify due to lack of measurement methods in the game. However, PUBG Mobile provides you with a map that accurately displays the route so that you can stay oriented on the battlefield. Utilizing this route display, you can estimate the areas packed with opponents on the map and choose an appropriate point to parachute.


Display the distance in PUBG

Change the structure of infrastructure

As a PUBG PC gamer, when coming to PUBG Mobile, you will realize that most of the infrastructures in the game change. With PUBG Mobile, the barrier system completely disappears while open-air windows and doors are larger than those in the PC version. A notable thing is that the lighthouse, a typical symbol in PUBG, is also removed. These changes are aimed at helping gamers move more conveniently through the touch controls on Mobile.


Change the structure in PUBG

Show the number of players left on the plane

This indicator is extremely useful for PUBG Mobile gamers. It allows gamers to avoid clashes and choose the best jumping time when there are few people on the plane.

That is, playing the game, you can see a counter showing the number of players who have not parachuted on the map. Taking notice of this number, you will be aware of crowded areas on the map. Specifically, the more quickly this number drops, the more enormously the quantity of enemies on the land increases.

In fact, the mobile version has increasingly become widespread. It’s amazing to get involved in fierce gunfights in PUBG Mobile. If you were ever obsessed by PUBG PC in particular and survival games in general, PUBG mobile will be a must-experience game for you.