Animals Story : Elephant Baby Shower

Animals Story : Elephant Baby Shower

App name: Animals Story : Elephant Baby Shower
Category: Casual
Version: 1.0
Os: 4.0.3
File Size:: 29M
Updated: 08-07-2018
Developer: BitByte Studios


Looking for something new, try our new transformation game it is for dress up and Spa for a cute elephants.

Yes, it and 39;s a game that can change your little elephant in a lovely, adorable and cute elephant.

There is a new dress up game in the store now and this game is not usual and common. It and 39;s a wonderful, colorful, vibrant and dress up game for cute little elephants. Yes really! You and 39;ve heard it right, this is not a customary game rather than dress up game in which you can turn a little elephant baby with all the items you have. Transform the cute baby elephant in an amazing and fashion way.

Have you ever wondered how these cute little elephants get these fantastic, beautiful and beautiful makeovers We will tell you how. Now you can use this new vibrant and colorful cute elephant spa dress game to create wonderful and exciting looking elephants makers to change the look of a cute elephant in an visually appealing way. We have hats, hair, glasses and amazing dresses for all your creativity and amazing sense of design.

Now you can make this happen inside your cute Elephant Spa dress up app. This is an amazing and energetic game that includes many emo, fantastic, stunning, stunning live collection of hats, hair, glasses and dresses styles for our fun-loving artists, kids, girls and players.

This game is for inventors, designers and artists to show their creativity and imagination to turn a cute dirty elephant into something exciting and then share it with friends and other kids.

Animals Story : Elephant Baby Shower is a learning, exciting, amusing, fun-loving game with learning , stylish hair, glasses and dresses for the animal.

Animals Story : Elephant Baby Shower comes with items to suit your design needs and personal desire. It allows you to change your favorite colored elephant in a beautiful and attractive way.

Get hold of it and get an elephant salon for yourself. This is your best game because inside this game kids can do the following exciting things and tasks, and it is also very easy to learn and control.

• Start the game and remove the dirt from your cute little elephant

• Clean the cute baby elephant, wash it and dry it to apply the patterns

• Get our unlimited and vast range of design hats, hair, glasses and dresses and choose the best one that suits your taste and imagination

• After shower, get him to wear your favorite hat, hair and glasses and turn it into a good looking little elephant. Change his messy look and make him see at something fashionable, memorable and charming.

This exciting animals Story : Elephant Baby Shower game gives you a lot of exciting and favorite tools to play with.

The game is easy and natural, your little girl and kids will have a lot of fun with this amazing game and they can play it for hours. After your styled elephant is ready, you can share excitement with your friends and that can boast your artistic, designer and transforming skills.

This game comes with the following fantastic and wonderful features:

- Easy, entertaining, simple to use and stunning designs.

- kids play this with each other to show their creativity and also play this with their mothers

- Similarly is also good for kids, young people and students at home.

- Once done with the switch you can always share this app and styled animal with your friends and family