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Updated: 24-07-2018

Black Desert Online is a role-playing game developed by a Korean named Pearl Abyss. Since its existence, the game has drawn the attention of three million players in Europe and North America. Although Black Desert for mobile has not been officially released throughout the world, many fans of mobile games are quite eager for this version.

Black Desert Mobile Beta Version Download

Black Desert is now available on platforms of Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. How about Black Desert for Android and iOS devices? It is expected to be launched in 2018.

Until now, the Black Desert Mobile beta version is exclusively released by Pearl Abyss in South Korea. For this reason, it is advisable that gamers living outside South Korea should download VPN and connect to a South Korea server to experience the creative work of the role-playing game genre.


Black Desert Mobile game

Game features

In an interview, Pearl Abyss shared that Black Desert Mobile was created based on the same premise as the former version, but their happenings would be a little different from each other.

The gaming world is located in the Middle Ages in Europe. Taking part in battles in Black Desert Mobile, you still follow the role-playing style. You will play a role as one of the in-game characters involving Warrior, Giant, Ranger, Valkyrie and Witch.

Interestingly, the game allows you to create your own style for your character in the most detailed way, including every part on the face, hairstyle and body shape.

Unlike the Black Desert online version, the mobile version will cover lots of new areas including seabed, mysterious caves and steep rocky mountains.

Besides, you can engage in various non-fighting activities such as handicraft, fishing and resource exploitation. One of the most fascinating in-game mission is to domesticate wild animals instead of selling them to the market. For example, you are required to train a restive horse to be a war horse that strictly conforms to principles.


Black Desert Mobile


Apart from gameplay, Black Desert Mobile arouses the curiosity of a host of players with its graphics. In fact, Black Desert Online, which is the inspiration for the mobile version, came as a surprise for a long time due to its eye-catching graphics. It is no exaggeration to say that  Black Desert Mobile almost surpasses all the games of the MMORPG genre. For this reason, immediately when the information about its release in 2018 has been revealed, players cannot hide their eagerness to admire the marvelous graphics.

Through Black Desert Mobile trailer, we can see that all the things in the game are incredibly stunning. From the map, characters, weapons, rivals, fierce combats to in-game materials and constructions are all designed vivaciously with optimization technology. It can be said that regarding graphics, almost no mobile games can become a worthy opponent of Black Desert Mobile.

In the coming future, you will get an opportunity to experience an amazing world for Android and iOS platforms.

Character classes of Black Desert Mobile

In this game, you can choose from five character classes including Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch and Valkyrie. Each character in the game story owns different strengths and weaknesses.


The Warrior is the character class representing the power and the endurance. He is armed with a sharp sword and a shield so that he has enough power to confront with every riposte from rivals. The Warrior shows a range of roles, from the decimation of enemies to the protection of their teammates. In particular, he is highly appreciated for his high defense indicator. In addition, he gets many hit points (HPs).

However, due to having to bring a set of heavy tools, the Warrior is not quite agile and flexible.


Warrior Class Showcase Black Desert Mobile


The Ranger is a symbol of agility and cleverness. Besides, this character has a great ability to encircle and attack enemies from afar. She can break a siege and open a way for moving by herself. Nevertheless, in contrast to the Warrior, the Ranger is not good at defense; consequently, she is at high risk of losing her life by surprise attacks.


The Giant owns a strong build and is willing to murder his rivals with an ax. A strength of the Giant is the ability to hit many rivals at the same time. More interestingly, despite carrying an overweight body, the Giant can move smoothly and flexibly. Like the Warrior, the Giant attains a considerable number of HPs. With such remarkable abilities, the Giant is a good choice for PvP (Person versus Person) in Black Desert.

Moreover, the Giant is considered to be the most playable character class in Black Desert.


The Valkyrie is seen as a perfect character class when almost not having any shortcomings. Similar to the Warrior, the Valkyrie holds a sword in one hand and takes a shield in the other hand. What differentiates the Valkyrie from the Warrior is that her fighting postures perform in a lissom way. Furthermore, the Valkyrie is featured by fighting styles and ingenious techniques of a female warrior.


Valkyrie Class in Black Desert


The witch is regarded as a key character in Black Desert. In reality, she is so helpful in besieging battles and PvP. But in general, in the Black Desert Mobile, the Witch acts sluggishly and still has not been optimized for solo battles, which is not much different from the PC version. With impressive sorcery and witchcraft, the Witch becomes frightening and powerful enough to wipe out countless rivals for a short time.

In general, Black Desert Mobile promises not to be less amazing than the PC version. Please be patient to wait for this game for your Android or iOS smartphone. This version is coming soon in 2018.