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App name: Bubbu – My Virtual Pet
Category: Casual
Version: 1.71
Os: 4.1
File Size:: 88M
Updated: 02-03-2020
Developer: Bubadu

A thorough analysis of Bubbu My Virtual Pet

Do you adore pets? How about raising a virtual pet that is always waiting for your attention? Bubbu is extremely adorable, it is emotional, and it's cute, large eyes will melt your heart the moment you see them. Bubbu wants to eat tasty food; it loves to visit friends, taking selfies, and also enjoy dancing. Raising a pet is never easy, though, they have a lot of demands that you need to meet. So, be sure that you are keeping your pet happy as much as you can.

Bubbu is a cute little kitty that wants to be fed, dressed with different and attractive clothes, cuddled, and bathed, and when it's dirty. If you are ready to raise a pet that needs love, then download Bubbu My Virtual Pet today and see your kitty growing bigger every day.

The gameplay of Bubbu My Virtual Pet

It is so fun to play Bubbu My Virtual Pet because the gameplay is terrific. It is smooth, and you will be able to control your pet without any issue. There are more than 30 fun mini-games to try. Each game will give you more coins that will let you buy more food for your cute Bubbu. The mini-games that you can play are Pop Balloons, Paint the Cat, Cat Connect, Cat Signs, Fish Ninja, and many others. Keep exploring the mini-games.

Sounds and Graphics

Everything about Bubbu My Virtual Pet is impressive because this kitty knows how to keep you busy and melt your heart with its cute noises and adorable face. The graphics of Bubbu My Virtual Pet look amazing, and you will have a good time playing it. The mini-games are amazing as well. The graphics look fantastic, and the colors of this game will amaze you as well.

Download Bubbu My Virtual Pet to have unlimited fun

Bubbu won't let you be bored. There are tons of things that your pet will need you to do. If you have ever wanted to care for a pet, now is the perfect chance to do that!


  • More than 30 mini-games to try
  • Spin the wheel every day to earn rewards
  • Lots of dresses to dress your Bubbu with
  • Feed your pet, play with it, and make it happy.


Bubbu is a really adorable kitten that wants your attention. Download Bubbu My Virtual Pet today and start taking care of it.

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