Click Assistant Auto Clicker

Click Assistant Auto Clicker APK Mod


Download the Click Assistant Auto Clicker v1.7.2 MOD APK, and ease out your work of clicking. Save ample time by using features such as clicks, curves swipes, and pinch gestures.

App name: Click Assistant - Auto Clicker
Category: Apps
Version: 1.7.2
Os: 7.0
File Size:: 4.2M
Updated: 28-02-2020
Developer: Y.C. Studio

Analyze the Click Assistant Auto Clicker

Isn't it time-consuming to do the same work repeatedly? Also, it's exhausting to do the same thing again and again. Tackle this situation with auto clicker tools.

Efficiently use the automated tools and save your time for other works. It includes the clicks, pinch gestures, and curve swipes.

Use the floating control panel to add any click point to the screen

How Helpful Is Click Assistant Auto Clicker?

This automated software has several features, which can prove to be helpful for you. The vital function of this is, it's convenient to use.

The one more additional feature, which you will get here, is the curve swipe.

A two-finger zoom gesture is also available. One can do the task of zooming just by tapping your two fingers simultaneously. It is beneficial in zooming hyperlinks.

You also get access to some exclusive merits, such as setting the desired parameters of the clicks. You can set the time duration of touch, you can configure delays, and one can also personalize several repetitions.

Saving and loading the scripts are some of the integral works in few places. If you also do this work often, then this click assistant auto clicker is a must for you. It can save/load the scripts.

Click Assistant Auto Clicker V1.7.2 MOD APK

An improved version made to furnish the users with even more great features. It enhances the user experience and enables them to do work efficiently.

You can save your time by allotting your work to the MOD APK and ensure the time saving and completed work at the end of the day.

Therefore to improve your experience, this MOD APK version helps you by eradicating the bugs. The fixing of bugs will surely assist you. Debugging is astounding merit of this automated clicking. It helps the user to avoid the problems caused by bugs, such as incorrect results.

Recording of your gesture is yet another perk of MOD APK. You can record your movements with a gesture recording feature.

MOD APK Features

  •  Fixed Bugs
  • Update Translations
  •  Gesture Recording
  •  Add on troubleshooting option on the main screen
  •  Advances two-finger zoom gestures and curve swipes
  •  Load/save scripts
  •  Set touch duration and number of repetitions