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Updated: 14-07-2018

Movies and music are regarded as indispensable entertainment forms that play an integral role in our daily life. For this reason, in recent years, dozens of movie apps have come into existence, aimed at satisfying the entertainment demand of people. We can list some typical apps for movies watching and streaming such as PlayBox HD, MegaBox HD, Movie Box, Popcorn Time and Crackle. Compared with the peers, Showbox has emerged as a phenomenal app which promisingly brings you a world of amusement. Whether you own an average or a luxury Android smartphone, surely you will feel excited about this great movie app and of course, desire to download Showbox for your phone.


Download Showbox

What is Showbox?

Together with Hulu and Netflix, Showbox, a store of entertainment content that allows you to watch, stream and download free movies and TV shows, will offer you the best pleasure.

What makes Showbox different from the other ones is that it does not require users to pay any expenses despite owning a smooth interface and a host of useful features.

Showbox gives users a chance to watch movies and television shows with high resolution. It enables you to access a series of latest high-definition television dramas with high speed. Besides, this app is a collection of different film genres including classic, action and funny films.


Download Showbox TV shows

Download Showbox .apk file for Android

It is known that Google Play Store contains a ton of favorite games (PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, Fortnite and etc) and apps (Netflix, Flipboard, Pinterest and etc). However, it comes as a surprise that Showbox app is not available on Google Play Store for downloading. So how can you get this amazing app on your phone? Please glance down to get more about how to download Showbox for Android.

To have Showbox .apk file on your Android device(s), you follow the 6 steps below:

  • Visit the website to download showbox apk
  • Scroll down and click on Download Showbox .apk file to go to another information site
  • Click Download .apk to get the app on your device(s). Click the OK button if you see any warnings
  • Open the downloaded Showbox .apk file
  • Click on Install. To allow your device(s) to download Showbox from unknown sources, you open Settings, select Security and enable Unknown sources.
  • Go back to continue your installation. Please wait for a few seconds for Showbox to be installed.

Just with several simple steps, you can be comfortably involved in wonderful movies and shows offered by Showbox on your Android device(s).

Download- Showbox-library-of-TV-shows-and-movies

Download Showbox – library of TV shows and movies

What’s more about Showbox

Quite a few people are interested in Showbox because of its notable features.

Library of movies

Showbox is the source of the most tremendous content worldwide. In particular, you can enjoy numerous television shows, movies and other programs from various nations. Showbox is estimated to have millions of installation till now.

Besides, you can select films based on its genre, year of release and rating. Also, the app updates the latest audio-visual content so that you can choose to either watch them or download them to your phone.

A variety of resolutions

Showbox for Android also supports a variety of display resolutions to select, which helps you download movies rapidly and choose the one suitable for your device(s).

Furthermore, Showbox app creates a favorable impression by its user-friendly interface, which supports you to find out and enjoy wanted content without any difficulties.


Showbox features

Ad-free movie app

Another strength of Showbox is that during the time of streaming and watching free content, you are completely not bothered by ads.

No requirement for a Showbox account

The most fascinating property of Showbox is that you do not need to have an account for accessing to Showbox content. For this reason, you do not need to worry about the leakage of private information including email and telephone number.

Creation of a playlist

Last but not least, Showbox app allows you to save a list of a range of beloved movies as well as TV shows. As a result, the offered benefit is that it helps you easily find and watch your favorite content again.

Most common errors on Showbox and how to fix them

While downloading and using Showbox, you may get some troubles. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Please keep reading to get suitable solutions for the common issues below.


Showbox errors

Cannot download from unknown sources

Android devices usually show a suspicion to apps downloaded from third-party sources. In other words, these devices only believe in apps provided by Google Play Store. Facing this problem, you open Settings and select Unknown Sources so that you can install Showbox.

Showbox video not available

This error occurs when your nation or region is not allowed to access the link. To solve this problem, you can choose to download Opera VPN, SuperVPN Free VPN Client, VPN One Click or VPN Master Key. Most of them can be downloaded from Google Play Store. After the VPN installation, you connect to a US server. Then, you open Settings and visit Showbox app on your smartphone to clear cache and data. So now Showbox can play your video link.

Showbox server not available

Showbox is not offered by Google Play Store; therefore, your device will not automatically update the app. As a result, when “Server not available” appears, that means it requires you to update new versions of Showbox.

To update the Showbox’s latest version, you need to uninstall the older version first. Next, you click on Settings to clear cache. For the last step, you just download the latest version of Showbox as above instructions.

Showbox cannot work or load

For this problem, it is advisable that you clear cache and data. To do that, you open Setting, select Apps manager and click on Clear cache and Clear Data. Following these steps, Showbox on your device(s) will come back to normal states.

Are the above-mentioned dominant properties convincing enough to make Showbox become a perfect app? As a lover of movies, Showbox is a must-have app on your phone. Don’t miss a chance to own this fantastic movie app by following our instructions above. Hope that you will get enjoyable moments together with Showbox app.