Dragon Ballz Fighter

Dragon Ballz Fighter

App name: Dragon Ballz Fighter
Category: Action
Version: Goku Saiyan
Os: 4.0
File Size:: 12M
Updated: 30-06-2018

This is new epic adventure of goku for find and collect dragon ballz in world of battle never end.

Meet the super fighting game a new style and unique. Dragon Ballz Fighter.

Train to become the most powerful saiyan goku warrior. Fight will never end, you must be stronger.

break your limit. you will become super saiyan, become legendary. goku is never defeated and you too.

Great fight (combatants) between Goku and his teammates with Super Saiyan, Dragon Ballz Fighters and z fighters vs

other universe forces.

The game is also a fight between superheroes.

This is a simple two-dimensional game with simple buttons, move, attack, simple skill, easy to play.

*Z fighters:Dragon BallZ

Choose your favorite saiyan warrior and fight. Defeat your enemy and you can unlock more powerful saiyan warriors

in dragon world.

*dragon:dragon fight. Feature:

- Fighting is great.

- Graphic 2D is great.

- Play with friends in multiplayer mode.

- Many mode to play.

* Saiyan: Skill

- KI Blast: Basic techniques for discharged energy.

- Kameha: attack with energy wave. is Goku and 39;s signature technique.

- Spirit Bomb: collect energy in the form of a sphere. is a powerful attack.

- Dragon Strike: attack with high speed.

- Super Saiyan: transform to unleash the ultimate power. you can transform to max form SSJ3.

- Hidden Skill: you can use hidden skill when beat enemies.

* 2 Game Mode

- Dragon : You will be given the role as the fighter to adventure and fight for defend the world from the enemies.

you can unlock new stage and new power in this mode.

- Saiya:saiyan battle : New Challenge !! You have to fight in a limited time and will need to win as many as

possible to unlock achievements.

Now,this is games download and fun with the game.