DragonBall Z Super Saiyan

DragonBall Z Super Saiyan

App name: DragonBall Z Super Saiyan
Category: Action
Version: 1.0.2
Os: 2.2
File Size::
Updated: 30-06-2018
Developer: New Jungle Studio

In another universe, there is a Super Saiyan Hero have become Legendary, his from another planet like Earth ! We and 39;re talking about making up the story of the legendary fight with Lord Frieze, Mutant Cell,Terminator Majin, Cursed Kid, CrazyMan Broly, against Fusion War find the dragon special ball to protect our planet save our life!

By tapping the screen with fingers, the player can cause an intense battle to unfold and enjoy the fighting action on their smartphone. Utilizing the smartphone and 39;s sense of control to its greatest extent, super-high-speed fights are possible.The player will have chance to use the cool skills effect like Ki Blast, Gigantic Gun, Death Ball , Dragon Finger Ball and so much action skills.


• A lot of challenges and stages

• Unique Graphic Style and UI

• Many challenges

• Cool Effect with super skills

This is the perfect app to pass your time and will never let you get bored. Moreover there are lots of challenges that come during the fighting gameplay.

Enjoy playing this game, and don and 39;t forget to rate us and give us your opinion about this game to make it more fine for all dragon fighter z warriors super fans.