FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro

App name: FiLMiC Pro
Category: Photography
Version: 6.3.2
Os: 5.0
File Size:: 18M
Updated: 13-08-2018
Developer: FiLMiC Inc.

Owning a smartphone, almost everyone desires to satisfy the demand for photographing and shooting. Some of them want to record memorable moments in family trips while several amateur cameramen expect to possess remarkable films on their smartphone. For these reasons, Filmic Pro, a professional app for video recording, was born to bring users to a new level of filming.

Filmic Pro description

Now you can buy the app on Google Play Store and App Store with the price of approximately $15. With a lot of dominant properties, this price level of Filmic Pro is considered to be affordable and reasonable for iPhone or Android users.

The app offers users a host of basic to advanced adjustment options like format, exposure, focus, resolution and white balance.

Note that Filmic Pro is not compatible with all Android devices. If you consider installing this app on your Android smartphone, it is necessary to know about its high-end supported devices including Galaxy S6 Edge,  Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.


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Main features and functions of Filmic Pro

There are quite a few fascinating properties on Filmic Pro involving zooming feature, measuring sounds and manual focus. For more details, please glance down:

A variety of adjustment options

One of the most striking properties of Filmic Pro is that it gives users different options of resolution, frame rate and effect. For instance, using this great app, you can choose from various resolutions including high definition (HD), Full HD and 4K resolution.

Regarding the frame rate, 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1 are the three main choices for users. Depending on particular purposes of use, you can select the most suitable one. For example, the rate of 1:1 is appropriate to social media. More interestingly, the app covers advanced filming features like Time-lapse, Slow-motion, Aspect Ratio Guides and Advanced Encoding.

Manual Focus

In fact, almost every camera owns autofocus; nevertheless, you need to take the manual focus in some cases. Types of camera, no matter how their quality is, consist of manual focus. In particular, this feature helps users emphasize the areas they want to highlight. Actually, Filmic Pro is not inferior to any high-quality cameras. Furthermore, it makes a great improvement compared to its counterpart. Specifically, it allows you to remove colors from the frame, but the focus point is still highlighted with colors.


Flimic Pro app

Zooming feature

You can shoot your films, movies or videos at far or close distances by tapping the icon “+” or “-” that displays on the app interface.

Device measuring sound

The app is featured by a device measuring sound that is located at the right of the app when you use the landscape mode. This device is able to be compatible with almost all microphones available on the smartphone. Therefore, apart from professional movie cameras, Filmic Pro is really an essential tool for those who love filming by a smartphone.

Uploading videos to social media

After your videos are completed, Filmic Pro supports you to edit these videos. Then, the app also allows you to share that video to social channels such as Facebook, Youtube and Dropbox. Besides, you can save them to your camera roll.


Filmic Pro features

Must-know tips when filming with Filmic Pro

While using Filmic Pro, you should consider the following noteworthy tips.

First of all, it is necessary for you to let your smartphone be in airplane mode so that you will be not bothered by phone calls.

Besides, it is advisable to turn off all background apps on your Android or iOS smartphone, which is aimed at stimulating your device to run smoothly.

Another important point is that you need to have to a full-charged device before shooting with Filmic Pro. In case your battery power is too low, the filming process will be restricted.

Additionally, for out-of-date devices with a low-resolution front camera, the feature of controlling focus and exposure will become useless.

From the points above, Filmic Pro can compare with professional cameras. With notable properties, this app promises to change your smartphone into an impressive filming device. Don’t hesitate to download this app. Just with $15, you can own Filmic Pro, which will produce incredible videos.