Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook APK Mod


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App name: Fishing Hook
Category: Adventure
Version: 2.3.0
Os: 4.1
File Size:: 53M
Updated: 27-02-2020
Developer: mobirix

What is Gameplay Like?

The game has a realistic gameplay experience with true to life based mechanics. It immerses players in the act of fishing from setting bait to capturing the fish giving players a sense of fulfilment when they succeed and pushes them to try harder when they fail. Players who are looking to have fun will definitely enjoy this game while they play and explore its world.

Once players have hooked their fish they will go through a realistic battle to reel in their catch and claim victory. This battle is immersive and employs life-like mechanics which will require players to put in effort to win. They would need to be precise and time their movements to become victorious.

The Fantastic Graphics of Fishing Hook

Fishing hook employs realistic gaming graphics with impressive visuals. It aims to be true to life and make the game feel more realistic. Also, it employs high-resolution images which make the fish seem more realistic and the boat seem more alive. The game places little strain on mobile devices and as such, can be played without any lag.

Fishing Hook's Beautiful Sound and Music

Fishing Hook has loads of Amazing sounds. The water, boat, and the general environment have all been fitted with amazing sounds to ensure you have a realistic experience. You will feel like you are out on the open sea fishing as you hear the soothing waves blow and birds chirp. When you hook a fish, the dramatic music comes on and helps to create tension and dramatic effect for you. The game developers (Morbirix) have created fantastic sounds to improve the realism of the game. With the realistic in-game sounds, you will feel like you are out on the open waters.

Fishing Hook MOD

Fishing Hook MOD comes with unlimited money which translates to unlimited play time. Buy advanced gear and new equipment which will allow you catch bigger fish and level up faster. Use this MOD to enjoy an unrivaled fishing experience and work your way to becoming a pro virtual fisherman. It is free to download on all android devices without the need for rooting or jailbreaking. Fishing hook MOD takes this exciting game to new levels and removes all the bottlenecks and grind needed for you to level up.


Fishing Hook is a fantastic fishing game for those who love fishing as a hobby. Carry your favorite activity virtually on your mobile phone anywhere you are and enjoy the simple pleasure of the sea right in your palm. For extra excitement, the MOD version will give you a new experience within the game. Use your unlimited money to buy all the gear you need to become a top fisherman. Upgrade your boat, get better fishing rods, and move deeper into the open water and dominate. Get Fishing Hook today and become the Fisherman you have always wanted to be!