Five Basic Tricks That Will Help You Get Better at Fortnite Mobile
Five Basic Tricks That Will Help You Get Better at Fortnite Mobile Action Adventure Game

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Always Gather Materials

This may seem like a simple and common thing to do, but you would be surprised how many times players, especially new ones, forget to gather materials and end up either running out of materials while in a build fight or just not have enough to build some cover. Always remember to take glimpses on the total number of materials you have and hit a few trees or rocks while running or moving into the circle if you are low on them. Always hit the blue circles that appear when you are gathering materials, hitting these blue circles give you more materials and will help you gather faster than not hitting them at all. It takes a little bit of practice to hit all the blue circles but you should eventually get the hang of it.

Build, Build, and Build Some More

Fortnite is centered on building. In Fortnite, building is your best friend and your best way of survival. Instead of firing back if your enemy is firing at you, try to build and shield yourself from the fire first before striking back. I know that it can be quite intimidating to build, especially when you are just starting out, I suggest that you practice to build at least a wall when you are getting fired at. Eventually you should become comfortable enough that your first instinct would be to build instead of firing back.

Build Smartly and Effectively

You have a limited number of materials, you only get 999 of wood, brick, and metal. 999 of each sounds like a lot, and it is but there are times where you get into intense build fights that seems like they go on forever. When the fight is finally done and you can finally heal up and rest, someone comes along and tries to fight you, but you are out materials and cannot build anything so you end up dying. There are also times when you run out of materials mid-fight and you feel helpless because you cannot build anything to protect yourself. To avoid running out of materials when you need them the most, you should build smartly and effectively. Do not just go around build 1by1s over and over again, if your opponent isn’t even building, that’s just a complete waste of materials that you could’ve used later on. Always try to assess the situation and build accordingly. When you are in a long range sniper fight, in this situation building a massive fort won’t be the most effective way of using your materials. Building a few 1by1s would be fine, enough coverage to protect you and to help you get a better view. Always try to analyze the situation, observe your opponent, and think before you build.

Building Quickly

Building in Fortnite is easy, you just select the piece you want to build and push a button place it in front of you. Building quickly is hard to pull-off though, especially when you are trying ramp rushes or various building techniques that other pros use. The best way to get better at building faster is to practice them slowly and freely. The best place to practice building is by using either Creative mode or Playground mode. Both of these modes offer tons of materials at your disposal and is a safe and relaxing place so that you don’t get nervous or anxious when trying to build. You can also turn off fall damage so that you don’t need to worry about falling and dying. The reason why pro Fortnite players can build so quickly is because the building mechanics and techniques are already embedded into their muscle memory, they can basically build it effortlessly at this point. This is because of hundreds, if not thousands of hours performing the various techniques and mechanics required to pull-off these builds. Practice is going to be the best way for you to master these techniques as well, start of building slowly and making sure that everything is in place, and work your way up until you can build at a fast enough pace. After you get comfortable, try using them in Battle Royale mode as much as you can, even if you die trying sometimes. This will help you clear out some nerves when you are building against other players.

Editing is the Key

During Fortnite’s first few seasons, building and editing weren’t that big of a deal. People would often just build a few walls for protection and maybe edit a door or a window, and that was it. Nowadays, building and editing go hand in hand. There are a lot of people who use building and editing together to get better protection and to just confuse their opponents completely. Editing can be quite hard though, especially if you are playing Fortnite on mobile. But it isn’t impossible to be quick even if you are playing on your phone. Some streamers on mobile can actually out build other players using PC or console. Again, the best way to improve is to practice until you are comfortable. Try to edit walls first, and gradually move-on to the other pieces. Using building and editing together is a very powerful tool that can help you overcome players who are better than you at the game.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you go back and read each tip carefully, the essence of each tip comes down to practice. Anyone can be good at the game and that’s the beauty about Fortnite. You don’t need to be born with an incredible aim or fast hands, these things can be gained and learned through practice. People don’t realize that Fortnite is more than just an aim and shoot game, it requires tactics, smart moves, quick decision making, and a ton more thinking than a lot of people assume. It is a game of practice. Practicing mechanics, getting better at the game, and getting better at reading or analyzing situations is what will help you bring your game up to the next level.

Fortnite is also available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. Just go to your console’s respective store, search for Fortnite, and download away.


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