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FortCraft released by NetEase, a Chinese gaming company has many similarities with Fortnite and Minecraft. Currently, the game is being tested by NetEase in North America. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to download and play FortCraft games and some interesting comparisons between this game and Fortnite.

Download FortCraft 

Now, Fortcraft has not been officially published on Google Play Store and App Store. Therefore, to play it, you need to register for the beta version offered by NetEase Games. However, the publisher limits the number of participants every day. If you cannot get an opportunity to take part in the game, please try it again on the next day.  

For Android smartphone:   

You can go to Google play to download the beta version of the game, then select “Become a Tester.” Now you can download the game.

For IOS smartphone: 

First, you need to go to the official Facebook account of FortCraft by clicking on FortCraft Official Facebook, then you sign up for the beta version by sending your email to the admin of this page. If your email is approved, the admin will send you an email to invite you to test the game.

Next, download the app Testflight and use it to download the game for your iOS.  

Click the ‘Get’ button to install the game.  

Now you can open and play the game.


Fortcraft download

Outstanding features of FortCraft  

Immense map to explore: 

In FortCraft, you can explore an immeasurable map of 16 million square meters with 13 environments with unique terrains.  

Structure building for defense: 

Besides, FortCraft promises to offer the easiest way to create your buildings and strongholds where you can hide when being unwilling to fight against rivals.  

Game modes and functions: 

The game now runs with three different modes: solo mode, duo and team/squad. More interestingly, the game integrates with voice chat that supports players in interacting with their team members.

A large array of arsenal to use:  

FortCraft consists of a huge source of 12 different types of gun. Apart from main guns including handguns, machine gun, rifles and sniper rifles, you can use other powerful weapons like grenade launchers, flame-projectors and bazookas. Of all these kinds, the flamethrower is the most compact weapon while bazookas are extremely effective in destroying hiding places of your opponents.


Fortcraft features

How to play FortCraft 

When the game starts, you parachute from a plane. After landing, you have to run to some houses to look for weapons like guns, armor and other necessary items. Because the weapons are inside the rooms, you need to use a hammer to damage the wall, then go into the rooms to collect them.  

You can avoid bullets by jumping up and down or running around. To survive for a long time, you should avoid opponents by living in the safety zone (white circle). One thing you should bear in your mind is that the safety zone is constantly shrinking, so you should watch out the time and the minimap to see whether you are in the safety zone.

Besides, the game allows you to create your hiding places like houses, walls or stairs. You can build them freely with your own ideas. From these places, you can observe your opponents and defeat them at appropriate moments.

With survival games like that, the ability to defend plays an important role. In other words, building a solid defensive system has a great contribution to supporting you to survive till the end of the match.

When your blood is decreasing, find some blood supply items which help you recuperate immediately.  


How to play Fortcraft

Common points between FortCraft and Fortnite 

It can be seen that FortCraft is somehow identical to Fortnite. In both games, you are able to collect materials from trees, rocks or anything else to build constructions that can help you take cover from the attacks of a large number of enemies. Regarding the gameplay, like Fortnite and other Battle Royale games as well, you have to fight and destroy enemies to become the last survivor.

Besides, FortCraft’s candy-colored 3D graphics was designed based on Fortnite style, which attracts players of all ages to enjoy the game.

In general, although FortCraft is a clone version of Fortnite, it is an amazing game that you should try playing. Do not hesitate to download and enjoy this game.


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