Fortnite map – What you should know about Fortnite map updates and locations
Fortnite map – What you should know about Fortnite map updates and locations Tutorial

Fortnite map – What you should know about Fortnite map updates and locations

 In the Fortnite game in particular and battle royale genre in general, the map plays a crucial role. Fortnite map has a considerable effect on numerous in-game factors, from the surrounding environment, the distribution of weapons and items to fighting strategies. Throughout five Fortnite seasons, there are several Fortnite map updates and changes. As a result, it is necessary for players to gain the latest knowledge of Fortnite map.

Basic features of Fortnite map

Regarding the size, Fortnite map is not as large as PUBG map although both of them own the same number of players. For this reason, getting started in Fortnite, you will promptly confront in-game opponents; thus, the pace of fights will increase significantly. Therefore, you are advised to be alert to surrounding rivals by watching every detail and change on the map.

As a Fortnite newbie, a handy tip for you is that you should select a landing point with few rivals to avoid skirmishes right at the early time of the game. The reason is that at that time, with little experience and no weapons, you can be knocked out almost immediately. Some suggested in-map locations are Tomato Town, Dusty Depot, Retail Row, Salty Springs, Pleasant Park and Moisty Mire.


Fortnite map features

Fortnite Map Update

Recently, Fortnite season 4 and 5 have brought players a lot of updates. Specifically, for Fortnite season 4, because of the collision with hop rocks, Dusty Depot turned into a grandiose crater and was renamed Dusty Divot. There are many pieces of rock remaining in this area. Using them will help you to achieve the capacity to jump high.

Besides, in this version, Epic Games added some new Fortnite locations such as Open Soccer Stadium, Mansion, Risky Reels and Villain Lair.

After the coming of Fortnite season 4, Fortnite season 5 also gives a surprise to Fortnite gamers due to lots of changes of weapons, cosmetic set and map. Accordingly, you can realize the addition of new places like Lazy Links and Paradise Palms. In addition, old locations in Fortnite season 4 including Dusty Divot and Dirt Tracks are renovated.


Fortnite map update

Top Fortnite map locations for looting

Tomato Town

In fact, along with you, quite a lot of people come here for looting. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful when breaking into this area. To wipe out enemies, you reach the nearby hill where you can easily take aim at enemies due to its panorama.

South of Fatal Fields

Fatal Fields are ideal uncrowded places for looting. Here you can gather a variety of valuable items including a truck and a specialized weapon. After that, you are advised to move toward a collapsed house in the Southeast and continue to loot other items as many as possible. Then, you can go to the West. On the way, you will get an opportunity to approach two trucks with a host of useful items. Nevertheless, while moving and looting, you should take notice of the safe zone. Keep in mind that stepping outside the safe zone will make you lose blood.

South-of-Fatal-Fields - Best-Fortnite-map-location

South of Fatal Fields – Best Fortnite map location

Motels near Anarchy Acres

There is a wide range of weapons scattering over the motels around Anarchy Acres while only one enemy is being on the watch. In particular, you will find out up to five chests here. Two of them are situated outdoors while you only can get the remaining ones if going into houses and buildings.

Northwest of Wailing Woods

When taking a trip to the Northwest of Wailing Woods, you will discover several helpful items. Also, you can find out a gun around. Moreover, you can take advantage of this spot to ambush rivals leaving Tomato Town. On the other hand, you travel to the Northeast for another precious chest.

Northwest-of-Wailing-Woods - Fortnite-map-location 

Northwest of Wailing Woods – Fortnite map location

North of Salty Springs

The northern mountain of Salty Springs also contains some chests including the one located on the highest mountain.

Northeast of Flush Factory

As a new location for looting in Fortnite, Flush Factory has a quite modest area. However, entering alleys and hidden places, you will explore quite a few valuable chests. It is suggested that you break into surrounding houses by jumping over chimneys. Containers and trucks here are also great spots for looting. They even have more chests than nearby houses.

Fortnite map is an indispensable part of the Fortnite game. Despite not being too large, this map is magnificent enough to stimulate the curiosity of those who love exploring. Every new Fortnite season, don’t miss the chance to explore exciting changes on the Fortnite map.