Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile

Action Game
240.7 MB

If you want a gaming escapade characterized by unending thrilling sessions, then download Fortnite Mobile. The game requires tremendous concentration as the player struggles to eliminate their opponents.

App name: Fortnite Mobile
Category: Action
File Size:: 240.7 MB
Updated: 21-07-2018
Developer: Epic Games, Inc.

Why the Excitement about Fortnite Mobile?

When the developer of the Fortnite announced the introduction of the Mobile Version, it was impossible to ignore the excitement that erupted online from the game lovers.
What’s best, the game is supported by both the Android and iOS operating systems. As such, gaming enthusiasts will easily enjoy the game conveniently.
Additionally, the thought of having control of the Fortnite battles on the palm is refreshing for many gamers. If the success of the PC version of the Fortnite is anything to go by, then you can be certain that the response we’ve already experienced on Fortnite Mobile is just the tip of an iceberg!

A Brief Description of Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile is an extraordinary version of the Fortnite that can operate in Android or iOS operating systems. What’s exciting about the game is the fact that it has successfully transferred all the PC features—be it the maps, weapons, gameplay, or the update schedule!

The controls are expertly modified to suit the touchscreen mode of many smartphones. All you’ll need is to tap your screen and execution of the command occurs promptly.
However, some actions have been automated to reduce congestion on your screen while enhancing the user experience. Some of these features include door opening and picking of items.

Ideal Device Specifications that Allow Downloading of Fortnite Mobile

While the mobile version is customized to operate on android and iOS operating systems, not all devices can accommodate it. Here are some of the specifications that your phone should have to download and enjoy the game:

  • An operating system of Android 8.0 Oreo and above
  • At least 3GB RAM
  • A GPU of Mali-G72 MP12 and above, Adreno 530 and above, or Mali-G71 MP20 and above
  • At least 3 GB of onboard storage

If your device passes all the above checks, then you’re ready for a Fortnite Mobile download. If not, you’ll have a problem installing and playing the game.

Dynamic Gameplay: What to Expect After the Download

Fortnite was released by Epic Games in 2017. Since then, the game has become extremely popular among game enthusiasts. This success can be attributed to its dynamic gameplay, superb graphics, and excellent sound systems.

This game is available in 3 playing modes as detailed below:

1.Save the World
This is a player vs. environment game where four players unite to achieve a common goal. They undertake a series of missions and get rewards when they win. These rewards are crucial since they help them to upgrade their weapons thus increasing the chances of winning.

This game starts after more than 98% of the world population is wiped out by a storm. The survivors are not safe either—they’ll be attacked by zombies. This poses a significant threat of extinction.

To avert the looming crisis, you (plus your team of 3 other players) will take the role of a commander where you’ll be required to gather resources, save the survivors, and eliminate the dangerous zombies.

To achieve this, your team must get all the data of the survivors and their households. Additionally, you must acquire powerful weapons to eradicate the enemies and win treasures.

2. Battle Royale
This is a player vs. player game where you’ll be required to eliminate approximately 100 opponents. The last standing player is declared the winner and gets numerous rewards.

Also, the game allows the player to play in pairs, duo, or in a squad of 3-4 players. When selecting your team, you should be careful to only include members with special abilities which will enhance your chances of becoming the champion.


In the beginning, unarmed players are airdropped from a battle bus. Immediately after landing, they are required to scavenge for weapons, treasures, and vehicles even as they struggle to overcome the attacks from their opponents.

How fast you scavenge for the weapons will directly determine how successful you become in the battle. Even more interesting, the fighting zone diminishes significantly over time! Those out of the safe zone are destroyed. However, the players will have the chance to rescue themselves and come back to the playing zone.

The last player, or the duo, or the squad that remains standing is declared the winner and awarded numerous treasures.

3. Creative
In this mode, the player is given the freedom to be creative and establish challenges. The most creative of the players will win.

Impressive Game Graphics

This game is expertly finished in 3-D graphics which guarantees an authentic feel when you play. The background simulates an isolated island that offers a perfect ground for the battle.

Additionally, it has topnotch sound effects which further enlivens the game making every minute you spend on it worthwhile.

Valuable Tips for Winning the Game

To win the game, you should always ensure that you collect the best weapons to face your opponents courageously.

Also, you should use the valuables that you collect well to strengthen your team and work towards a common objective.

If you choose the duo or the squad modes, you should be careful when selecting your teammates. Only select those that share your goals and have unique abilities to help you defeat the opponent.

Can I Download the Fortnite Mobile from Play Store?

The Epic Games developers have delayed the release of the Fortnite Mobile Series into the Play Store. Currently, you can only download the game from their website.

Bottom Line: The Verdict
A critical analysis of the Fortnite Mobile reveals a well-thought-out idea. The PC version of this game was well received in the gaming industry and it was only fair for Epic Games to provide the mobile version for fan’s convenience.

Over time, Fortnite has become a household name. As such, you should not be left behind! Download this game and enjoy every action of the Mobile Version!