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App name: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Category: Action
Version: 1.08
Os: 3.0
File Size:: 26M
Updated: 05-08-2018
Developer: Rockstar Games

GTA San Andreas (GTA SA) is a part of the series of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), one of the most well-known game series throughout the world. Despite not being ranked the best-selling action game worldwide like GTA 5, GTA San Andreas still has made a powerful impression on a considerable number of players, especially during the period of 2004-2005. In fact, quite a few people find a way to download GTA San Andreas apk file for their devices. Now you can learn more about GTA San Andreas download, characters and tips and tricks in the article below.


Coming to GTA San Andreas, you mainly take part in three activities including driving, shooting and exploring. Depending on the features of every mission, you need to find a way to combine these activities smoothly.

Besides getting involved in robbery incidents for making profits, players can do many other things such as swimming, listening to music, playing sports, gambling and motorbike racing in the immense in-game world. In general, nearly all daily activities can be included in the game. In particular, some of the missions allow you to temporarily say goodbye to robbery to play a role as a nice policeman or a firefighter.

GTA San Andreas

System of characters in GTA San Andreas

Different from GTA 5, the game story of GTA San Andreas focuses on only one main character named Carl Johnson (CJ), an African-American gangster. After the death of his younger brother, he decided to leave his homeland of Los Santos for a new life. But after a short time of living in a new city named Liberty City, he got the shock news that his mother was murdered in bloody fighting. As a result, he was forced to come back the life of a gangster.

Regarding personal characteristics, CJ was described as a person who is fiercely loyal to his gang, Grove Street and willing to bravely fight to protect his family.

The world of GTA San Andreas covers almost all types of people in the underground societies. Accordingly, apart from the main character, GTA San Andreas builds a diverse system of impressive supporting characters. Each of them has specific roles in different missions and throughout the game story as well.

Characters in GTA San Andreas

In-game types of weapon

Weapons are indispensable elements in the GTA SA. So now, keep reading to get more information about some of the important weapons.


This is regarded as the most potent weapon in the game because of its modest size and high ability to damage and produce devilish combo strikes. However, it is extremely difficult to detect this tool.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle is a kind of handgun with credible damaging effects. However, if you are a newbie in the game, you will find it difficult to use the guns of this kind due to its strong shakes; consequently, it is hard for you to aim at the target accurately. Nevertheless, you will stay out of all these troubles with the condition that you achieve Hitman level.


Every policeman is equipped with a nightstick that is often used to suppress criminals. The nightstick is a perfect choice for hand-to-hand combats. Supposing that you knock a policeman out, then you get an opportunity to possess this powerful weapon.

Brass Knuckles

Your character equips the hands with brass knuckles to increase the damage level. Don't worry because this compact tool won't affect your running speed.

Baseball Bat

This weapon can cause severe damage. With one beat by the baseball bat, your enemies will be defeated immediately. The only shortcoming of the baseball bat is that it restricts your moving speed. For this reason, you should not choose this weapon for crowded combats.

Golf Club

You can easily find out it on a golf course. Just one strike by Golf Club can lead your rival to death.

It is necessary to consider advantages and disadvantages of each kind of weapons so that you can select a suitable one for each GTA mission.

Download GTA San Andreas

Download GTA San Andreas apk file for Android and iOS devices

Currently, GTA San Andreas is available on almost all platforms including Microsoft Windows, Window Phone, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, OS X, Android and iOS.

If you are the owner of an Android or iOS smartphone, it is the good news that GTA San Andreas has been available on Google Play and App Store for a long time. Just with $6.99, you get an opportunity to download GTA San Andreas from the two online stores.

Keep reading if you want to gain useful tips on how to play GTA San Andreas.

Tips and tricks to make money in GTA San Andreas

To get money in GTA San Andreas, you can choose one of the three ways below.

First of all, the primary method for making money in this version of GTA is carrying out missions. However, early missions mainly help you raise the respect indicator. (Respect is an indicator in GTA San Andreas. If you get lots of points of respect, you can hire more and more gangsters for every in-game mission). For later missions, you will gain more money.

Secondly, you need to know that after the mission “Custom Fast Track” in San Fierro, harbors start to collect cars. Therefore, you are advised to export the car you have stolen; then you will earn much money.

In case you are staying in Los Santos, killing the two people as described bellow also give you some money. The identifying characteristics of the first person are that he has black skin, carries a necklace and wears a head covering. This man usually wanders near the house of CJ. Another man can be realized by a white windbreaker and a black jean. He often covers his head with the hat of the windbreaker.

Tips for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Throughout many years, GTA San Andreas still has won the heart of millions of gamers. If you are often thrilled about eye-catching punches and kicks, GTA SA is a must-have game on your Android/iOS smartphone.

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