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App name: GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V)
Category: Action
Version: 5.0.8
Os: 3.0
File Size:: 6.9M
Updated: 07-07-2018
Developer: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is at it again with another great addition to the Grand Theft Auto games series. This time, returning to San Andreas in GTA 5, having a second look at the city of Los Santos. But now, there’s so much more trouble to get into.
Stir trouble with the government, drug lords, and rival gangs as you take a backseat behind on of three protagonists: A revived ex-con, his drug addict partner and gangbanger meet up for this wild adventure of violence, sex and action.
Simultaneously switch characters at will, and take advantage of the giant sandbox world of Los Santos. What was once a small portion of GTA San Andreas, is now a reimagined and expansive world for your amusement.

Distinctive Features of GTA 5

Main characters

GTA 5 is featured by three main characters of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each of them has different personalities, background and causes of crime.

Distinctive Features of GTA 5

Okay, so GTA 5 isn’t another copy & paste of the series. It is its own standalone title, and for good reason. Here are what makes it stand tall against its competitors:

Main characters

Main-characters-in-GTA 5
Main characters in GTA 5

First of all, you’re not following the story of one thrill seeking, destruction bringing madman. Oh no, there are three crazy protagonist in the GTA 5 game. Think you can keep up?
Michael de Santa is an ex gangster, whose had one ride too many. Thinking of finally throwing in the towel and settling down, he lives a seemingly rich life. That is, until his wife has an affair, leading him down the road back to his life of crime.
Later, Michael’s son’s car is repossessed by Franklin Clinton, a gangbanger looking to make an unjust living. His desire for power and money leads Franklin to Michael. The two share a bond and quickly team up for a heist.
Afterwards, ex-soldier and Trevor Phillips is introduced. Trevor has a past with Michael in crime and has since been laying low. Shooting up drugs and living the not-so-good life. After hearing of his former partner Michael, Trevor goes in search of him, and the story plays out from there.
Using the Character Wheel allows for changing between Franklin, Michael, and Trevor at will. Each character has their own unique talents that can be exploited in the game during missions.
Furthermore, depending on the situation, you may require the expertise of one person over the next. Choose wisely.


Next are the missions granted in GTA 5. Once the requirement is meant, you’ll get yourself thrown into a mission. Some are optional, others are crucial to the story, but it’s all up to you.
In the end, you can screw around for hours without touching a single mission and still find more to do. It really depends entirely on how you feel.
Each mission requires certain talents. Knowing the right characters for the job is best. But, if there’s a mission out of a character’s skill level, you can always hire some help. Of course GTA 5 cheats can always give you a shortcut between skill gaps.
Each mission has an amount of variety to them, so you feel like you’re getting into a new adventure each time. Some tasks can include escorting individuals, pulling a legendary robbery, or just kicking back with some strangers.
On the other hand, if you’re tired of following missions, just surf the web, race around, or play some sports. There are so many activities, does it really matter what’s on your to-do list at the time?

Downloading GTA 5

Unfortunately, the GTA 5 game isn’t available for iOS and Android at this time. However, there are many guides available. Get yourself a copy of GTA 5 PS4 or GTA 5 PC, then come back here for a detailed cheats manual.

Android Download

Download GTA5 apk for Android

First, is the GTA 5 on Android Manual. Go to the Google Play Store and type in Rockstar Games, followed by GTA. There, you should find the gamer manual for GTA 5.

iOS Device Download

Similarly, you can follow the same basic steps on your Apple Store to find the manual app. Here, you’ll have access to GTA 5 mods or cheats and loads of juicy hidden secrets.
All in all, Grand Theft Auto is a series of legends and memorable moments. Mainly for its explicit and purely adulterated action.
If all this sounds enticing, download yourself the game client and head to Los Santos.

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