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App name: GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V)
Category: Action
Version: 5.0.8
Os: 3.0
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Updated: 07-07-2018
Developer: Rockstar Games
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Content Rating: Teen
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Ratings: 4.1/174289
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GTA, which was published by Rockstar Games, is one of the most well-known game series all over the world. Introduced in September 2013, GTA 5 is a can-not-miss version for those who fall in love with the robbery series of GTA. It is estimated that GTA 5 nearly achieves 100 million copies now.

GTA 5 is staged in San Andreas including three main cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas and depicts a lively picture of American life. The game story focuses on three characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Distinctive Features of GTA 5

Main characters

GTA 5 is featured by three main characters of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each of them has different personalities, background and causes of crime.

Franklin Clinton is an ambitious young man who has a strong desire for power in the world of street crimes. He earns a living at all costs and works for a criminal underworld. In a car theft, Franklin meets and follows Michael and starts his career as a professional thief.

The next character is Michael de Santa, who was a notorious gangster in the 2000s. After washing his hands off crime, he gets married and has two children. Possessing a huge amount of assets, Michael can be considered to be an unruffled and successful man at middle age. Despite being rich, he always feels discouraged by family conflicts. His wife has extramarital relations with another man while his two children are absorbed in their depraved world. This situation is seen as the main cause that drives Michael back to the life of crime.

Main-characters-in-GTA 5

Main characters in GTA 5

The last character in the game is Trevor Philips. In the past, Trevor was a soldier. But then, he gets involved in exchanging forbidden goods. In the game story, Trevor is described as a hot-tempered and venturesome guy. When he meets his old friend named Michael again, an interesting game story opens.

The most exciting point in GTA 5 is that you can choose to play a role as Franklin, Michael or Trevor and change your role any time to carry out your mission. Each character owns different talents. If Michael is experienced in robbing, Trevor is proficient at using types of weapons and vehicles, especially helicopter. Meanwhile, at the young age, Franklin does navvy’s work better than Trevor and Michael.


There are a host of fascinating activities for players to take part in. Before starting a mission, you have to fulfill many tasks such as identifying targets, working out a plan, engaging people and preparing necessary tools. For each mission, you need to hire people with suitable skills. Apart from three main characters, you can choose to employ other ones. Depending on distinctive characteristics of missions, you decide to select appropriate people. You will be provided with the information about strengths of people you intend to hire. The better skills they have, the more money you have to spend.


GTA 5 mission

Compared to other action video game like Battlefield or Call of Duty, random missions of GTA 5 are much more diverse. For example, when playing Franklin or Trevor, you will take on some tasks such as inquiring into an accident or supporting a superstar to escape from paparazzi. In free time, you can surf the Internet or play sports like golf, tennis, racing and parachuting. Besides, some players choose to invest in securities market to earn a huge amount of money. Then, you will get an opportunity to carry out bigger missions.

Download GTA 5 for Android and iOS

Download GTA 5 .apk file for Android devices

To have the game on your Android device(s), you search for GTA 5 google play first. Then, you go to Rockstar Games – Apps on Google Play. After that, you select Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual. Finally, you just click Install to download GTA 5 from Google Play.


Download GTA5 apk for Android

Download GTA 5 .ipa file for iOS devices

It is also quite easy to download GTA 5 on your iOS device(s). To download GTA 5 from App Store, first of all, you search for GTA 5 App Store. Next, you go to Rockstar Games Apps on the App Store. The last step is selecting Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual to download GTA 5 for your iOS device(s).


Download GTA5 ipa for iOS

In general, as a gaming enthusiast, you should not miss GTA 5, which promises to bring you unforgettable experiences. Please visit our website regularly to enhance your knowledge of tips and tricks of winning Grand Theft Auto V.


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