Guide for Fortnite ( BattleRoyale )

Guide for Fortnite ( BattleRoyale )

App name: Guide for Fortnite ( BattleRoyale )
Category: Entertainment
Version: 1.4.1
Os: 4.4
File Size:: 14M
Updated: 26-07-2018
Developer: Setodio

This is not a game.

An app that provides information about the game.

So, the goal is to provide information rather than provide pleasure.

Fortnite Stats / Items / Community / News / Tips App FORTLOAD Released!

FORTLOAD provides all about Fortnite BattleRoyale.

- Is it hard to play Fortnite

- Do you want useful tip

- Do you want to share Fortnite information with people

- Do you want to search for Fortnite stats

Do not worry, FORTLOAD will help you improve the knowledge and skills of Fortnite.

■ Provide Map information

- Provides information on the area where resources appear.

- Provide a shared map with friends

- Save your attack routes using free drawing.

■ Community post board

- Provides information on Fortnite patches

- Free post board, image post board, video post board

- To Find team, to advertise your clan

■ Game information

- It will provide weapon information

- It will provide item information

- coming soon

Let and 39;s play Fortnite with FORTLOAD ~


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