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App name: Happy Mall Story: Sim Game
Category: Simulation
Version: 2.3.1
Os: 4.0.3
File Size:: 28M
Updated: 07-03-2020
Developer: Happy Labs

An Analysis of Happy Mall Story

Happy Mall Story is a management simulation game which involves players trying to create, develop and manage their malls until they become a mall tycoon.

Essentially, players are to find enough resources to begin the building of a mall; and they are to manage the mall.

Managing the mall entails both making sure it does not crash, and making sure that it grows to become one of the greatest malls around.

Therefore, the purpose of the game is ensuring top management of one’s mall, until it attains the greatest level it can.

Gameplay and Graphics

The game employs the use of pixel graphics which is fair enough, and alright for the purpose of the game itself.

As has been noted, the purpose of the game is basically becoming a mall tycoon; which involves building and managing your mall to the point that it is one of the greatest there is.

The game allows for different ways this feat can be achieved. Some of the ways include:

1. Getting Stores: While players are first expected to manage malls until their growth is obvious, the game also provides an avenue for this, and one of such avenues is the allowance of stores.

The game allows for players to have different stores in their malls in order to attract different customers to patronize the mall, and then gain revenue.

There are a number of stores available in the game. Some of the said stores include restaurants, jewelry stores, clothing stores, book stores, art galleries, etc.

Each store can also be improved, particularly where it is the store that attracts the most customers.

2. Shop Keepers: It is one thing to have stores within the mall, and it is another to actually maintain these stores, talk less about the mall itself. In this regard, the game also allows an avenue for this.

Therefore, this can be done through hiring shopkeepers to ensure the stores are managed pending the period the player engages or indulges in other things.

3. Investments: Players can also invest in the game. Investments are for particular purposes. For example, investments can be used to attract customers to the mall; or to develop the mall; or to add a store, etc.

Download Happy Mall Story Mod

With the Happy Mall Story mod, the responsibilities of players are heavily reduced. Players are given unlimited money and coins, allowing them to build the mall of their choice, invest, and manage it as they want.


Management skills and requirements have been taken up a notch in this simulation.

If you want to find how easy or difficult management is when you have unlimited resources, download the Happy Mall Story Mod APK.

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