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App name: Hero Factory - Idle Factory Manager Tycoon
Category: Simulation
Version: 2.1.5
Os: 4.1
File Size:: 67M
Updated: 25-05-2020
Developer: PlayHard.Lab

A Crisp Analysis of Hero Factory

Ever dreamt of producing heroes on a large-scale? Do you have flair to run a factory and produce heroes as if they are some sort of products? If yes, then you must download Hero Factory for Android.

This game is all about producing warriors in a factory and bringing them in a fight against monsters. Since it involves hero and monster villains, it's automatically one of the must-play games.

All the graphics here are in 2D format. But don’t worry, you’ll love them because they are in high-resolution and does not produce any kind of ugly result.

Some low-end phones might be capable of running this game, provided that they have enough free storage. However, to be on the safe side, you must play it on at least medium configuration device.

Action-packed fighting and simulation game

You own a factory, where you don’t produce any regular goods. Instead, you churn out a lot of heroes, which will take on epic bosses later.

There will be a lot of monsters, and at regular intervals, a wave of powerful boss will occur. Let your warriors defeat them and light up your name.

This is an idle-based game, so you can always leave the game, and it will continue to run in real-time. Come back later and see the progress when you were away. So, you don’t need to be online and active all the time, as the game will take care of stuff while you’re gone.

Please don’t expect too much in this game, as this a fairly straightforward game with small gameplay. Many users might even get bored of it sooner or later.


Simple 2D Graphics

Not all games are in 3D. So, in this game, you’ll get to see pretty simple graphics, all designed in 2D format. However, you can be assured of the quality, as all the visuals are in relatively high-quality and high-resolution.

There is a cool color-tone associated with this game. You’ll notice almost all the screens to be colorful, where every stuff has a very thick black border.

Your little fellas are adorable, and it will always be fun watching them fight against huge enemies. Animations are just normal.


Hero Factory Mod Apk Feature

Hero Factory MOD APK free download houses even more exciting features, which might appeal to you. Take a look before heading away from downloading this wonderful game.

  • Available for free to download and play
  • Contains a lot of advertisements
  • Encourages users to opt for in-game purchases
  • Rated for ages 3+
  • Low download size (under 100MB)
  • Teeny-tiny gameplay


All those looking for some monster fighting games, you can try out Hero Factory MOD APK latest version. However, it's not as interesting as you might be thinking, so there is a major possibility that you might get bored of it too early. But still, you can always give it a shot and try out new stuff. Download now!

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