How To Convince Your Parents Of Benefits From Playing Video Games

How To Convince Your Parents Of Benefits From Playing Video Games

App name: How To Convince Your Parents Of Benefits From Playing Video Games
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Updated: 12-07-2018

Are you often scolded for playing games? Quite a few parents think that playing games not only is useless but also wastes time and money. Nevertheless, a host of researches proved enormous benefits from playing video games. Provided that you don’t turn yourself into a game addict, enjoying games daily is beneficial for your physical and mental health.


Benefits of video games

Improve your thinking and ability to plan

While playing the game, you must face a mountain of obstacles, from easy to challenging levels. As a result, you have to use your grey matter to work out an effective strategy to defeat your enemies and overcome all the difficulties throughout the game. Therefore, your brain gets used to dealing with complex situations. For this reason, when you come to the real world, not surprisingly, these gaming skills will contribute to improving your problem-solving and strategic planning techniques as well.

Foster your teamwork skill

Nowadays, quite a lot of games necessitate players coordinating with their teammates. As usual, a group of 4 to 5 people will together knock their rivals out in the game. With the same ultimate goal, you together discuss and collaborate to create a strong team, bringing success to the team. During this coordination process, you gradually learn how to exploit the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of other team members. Accordingly, your teamwork skills will be considerably improved.

Control your dream

As usual, nightmares make people frightened, which may cause sleeplessness. The research by Grant MacEwan University, Canada showed that the frequency that gamers had nightmares was less than normal. It was indicated that gamers were more likely to be of sound mind during their dreams.

Psychologists said that it was because gamers got more chances to get used to the gaming world, even more than in real world. Meanwhile, both dreams and games are regarded as parts of virtual world. Hence, that gamers can control what goes on in their dreams is understandable.


Control your dream

Enhance your assertiveness

In reality, the decisiveness plays a vital role in daily life. According to researchers from the University of Rochester, New York, United State, children who are eager for playing games are often more assertive than other ones. Besides, their decision has high levels of accuracy.

More specifically, for the children playing action games, they have to control the mouse flexibly and work with high intensity. Thus, they often react swiftly and decisively compared to the children who play slow-paced games.

Practice your perseverance

Quite a few games contain numerous daunting tasks; therefore, players are required to experience a lot of difficulties before reaching the expected result. For those who are not patient enough, they will definitely feel discouraged and intend to give up the game after just a few matches. On the other hand, you have “game over” many times, but you still do not give up. This is a way for you to train your perseverance. Likewise, at work, when running a project that is highly demanding, your patience that has been practiced while getting involved in games will become a useful tool for your work.

Relieve pain

The research conducted by the psychologists at the University of Washington also proved that playing games brought several benefits. In particular, it has the ability to relieve pains including both physical and mental illnesses.

In one hospital, doctors used a game called ‘Snow Worlds’ to relieve the pain of wounded soldiers. It is quite simple to play the game that is a snow world made up of a lot of snowballs. Players just throw these balls into penguins. With simple gameplay, Snow Worlds partly made the patients control their pains. “It can serve to distract you and give you a sense of control and some positive reinforcement,” an American psychologist named Nadine Kaslow shared the effects of games.



Make you have quick reflexes

According to some recent researches, playing games, especially role-playing games with intense action scenes, can improve the player’s reflexes. In addition, your interaction with other players during the game and handling the situations that need high accuracy and agility also bring in flexible hand-eye coordination.

This characteristic will have a positive effect on you when playing outdoor sports or dealing with real-life situations that require quick reflexes.

Stimulate the growth of brain

Molecular Psychiatry showed that playing Super Mario increased your grey brain matter.

In this study, German researchers found that for adults, playing Super Mario for 30 minutes each day would help to enhance grey matter in some areas of the brain including right thalamus, prefrontal cortex and bilateral cerebellum.

According to this study, these areas play an important role in developing some skills like strategic planning, observing and memorizing. The researcher even claimed that games are effective in treating the people who suffer from gray matter reductions in these areas, which may be risk factors for serious mental illnesses such as PTSD, schizophrenia and neurodegeneration.

Improve your vision

Daphne Bavelier, a scientist at the University of Rochester pointed out that enjoying games helped to improve your vision. It seems stuff and nonsense! But in reality, while playing games, you become more sensitive to slight changes in color tone, also known as contrast sensitivity.

Action game players, usually shooting gamers can see the contrast 58% better than other people.


Improve your vision

Promote your physical health

A new study from the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture indicated that children who play sports games for a long time tend to be interested in enjoying those games in real life.

Some parents have some difficulties in encouraging their children to play sports that are very beneficial for their health. So it is advisable to let them play sports online first.

Playing simulation games of soccer or rugby will help children learn their rules and basic skills. Therefore, they will become more confident before starting out in real life.

With the above-mentioned striking evidence, your parents have no reasons to forbid you from playing video games. In general, playing games with moderate frequency will make your life better and colorful. Let’s enjoy fascinating games right now!