How to Play and Win Super Mario Run — For Amateur and Professional Players
How to Play and Win Super Mario Run — For Amateur and Professional Players Adventure Game

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Updated: 07-06-2019
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Super Mario Run offers a sleek design that lets you run and chase for high scores and hidden coins.

As a player, you get to control an in-game character that perpetually runs to the right.

You can only control how the character navigates through obstacles, but you’ve got no control over the directional movement of the character.

The game is superb! And it’s compatible with Android devices, smartphones, iPhone and iPad.

Game control is pretty simple — you get to control the in-game movement with one hand.

The game moves, repayable stages, great design, and elegant mechanics would make you long for more.

The primary objective is to search for hidden coins and grab as many points as you can.

Super Mario Run — Game Play and Control

Super Mario Run is a typical automatic runner that lets you perform multiple actions by using easy touch controls.

Actions like the extension of Mario’s jump duration, delaying the fall from mid-air, and somersaulting are performed by using simple touch controls.

Here’s the thing; these actions are easy to pull off but tricky to master. Performing these skillful moves at will is not easy — you’d have to practice lots of time before perfecting the moves.

These special moves are vital as you’d need them for some problematic stages. These are stages where you’d need to overcome several hazards, move through pitfalls, and overcome dozens of in-game traps.

Super Mario Coin Hunt

The coin hunt is quite fascinating, and you’d keep coming back for more.

In each stage, five pink coins are out of reach. You’ve got to figure out how to grab them. And when you get them, another set of purple coins would appear — the purple coins would appear in a much harder location.

You’ve got to have some fantastic maneuvering skills before you could reach the purple coins. And if you get them all, a set of black coins would appear — getting these are super difficult.

At this point, you’re already hooked in the game and would keep reaching out for more coins.

The gaming environment is superb! Lots of fun!

Tap on the screen would rewind the gameplay. It’s a cool way of getting the coins you missed during the gameplay.

Rewinding the gameplay is good, but you’d be sacrificing sometime in the process.

Super Mario is the ideal game that puts your skill to test.

Super Mario Run — Game Tour

Super Mario Run is comprised of three games — Toad Rally, Kingdom Builder, and World Tour.

World Tour

World Tour is quite simple, all you’ve got to do is control the Mario as it runs in the game. To succeed, you’ve got to jump over obstacles.

On completion of World Tour, players are awarded coins, and you can use the coins to buy buildings and decoration in the Kingdom Builder game mode. The coins can also be used to purchase toad tickets which are used for challenging other players in the Toad Rally game mode.

Toad Rally

Toad Rally is a player-versus-player mode where you get to challenge other players to a race.

The primary objective is to gain coins. And you can win coins during the race or by defeating in-game enemies.

In-game enemies in the Toad Rally mode drop more coin when defeated.

Leveling up in the World Tour and Toad Rally is quite easy — all you’ve got to do is defeat in-game enemies.

Pretty easy! Isn’t it?

Kingdom Builder

You get to buy buildings, decorations, and lots of accessories in Kingdom Builder.

Colored Toad tickets enable you to unlock new items and also upgrade your castle.

Conclusion — Have a More Fulfilling Game Experience

Super Mario Run is an excellent game with a sleek design. There are lots of hooks that would keep you coming back for more.

Even when you complete the regular campaigns, there are lots of replayable stages to play. This way, you get to collect some more coins as you navigate through the chilling game environment.

The Mario franchise is here to stay, and with the Super Mario Run, you’d have more fulfilling game experience.




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