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App name: MateCraft 2018
Category: Simulation
Version: 0.9.222
Os: 4.1
File Size::
Updated: 26-07-2018
Developer: eCraft

Enjoy an endless 3d game. The terrain is endless with unlimited options. it will pull you in and you won and 39;t be able to let go.

Download now to find a brand-new adventures world, start crafting as much as you want. You can play by choosing between survival or creative mods, find your friends in a multiplayer mode. Create your own creative world or play with others in a dedicated server.

Don and 39;t forget to build your shelter on time in order to survive the night on survival mod. in survival mode you will find different creatures and animals that might harm you. Be on the watch from zombies and other imaginary creatures. let your imagination run wild when building your secret universe.

With different terrains such as sand, snow, grass and more you will be able to diverse and won and 39;t get bored.

Play on creative mod where you have unlimited amount of resources. You set the pace, with no danger, no one will try to hurt you. Just make your creations, build and explore.

Log in to a server and enjoy a multiplayer experience. Use the group chat to chat with other players. find new friends, build and destroy. explore new worlds and creations.

Use flight mode to begin flying anywhere. to view to world in a wider perspective or fast pace to a different location.

We appreciate your support, please leave your reviews and go ahead and rate us. If you find issues, bugs or glitches, send us an email and we will look into it asap. Don and 39;t forget to share it with your friends, especially if they are into crafting as well, they will surly appreciate it.

Our app is based on Minetest Engine Game, Copyright 2010-2017 Perttu Ahola and contributors, Open Sourse (LGPL).

This is an original MultiCraft Open Source Project, licensed under LGPLv3. License and source code can be found on the official site -

Start crafting today!

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