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App name: Mayor’s report
Category: Simulation
Version: 1.0.1
Os: 2.3
File Size:: 1.6M
Updated: 31-07-2018
Developer: Jérôme Chabod

Mayor and 39;s report is a companion for the Cities: Skylines(c) game. It will report important statistics about your current city in real-time on your android device.

IMPORTANT: you must install the Mayor and 39;s report and 39;s mod for Cities: Skylines from the Steam workshop (see instructions below)


1 - Subscribe to the mod on the Steam workshop: id=492187003

2 - Activate the mod in Cities: Skylines on your computer ( Main menu -> content Manager -> mods -> check mayor´s report)

3 - Load or start a new city, the application should connect automatically

Troubleshooting / advanced usage

If the android application cannot connect, perform the steps below in order:

1 - Verify that your computer running city skylines and your android device are on the same network. If not see step 4 bellow

2 - Open port 35125 (tcp and udp) on your computer firewall, or disable

the firewall (instruction for windows: 1TC=windows-7)

3 - Open settings on the android application, and manually specify your computer (local) ip address (find your ip address: 1TC=windows-7)

4 - If you computer and your android device are not on the same network, you need to specify the ip address (see step 3) and might have to configure nating (

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