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App name: Minecraft Trial
Category: Action
Os: 4.2
File Size:: 91 MB
Updated: 21-01-2020
Developer: Mojang

Minecraft is an open-ended online video game where the adventure and excitement never ends. This game has millions of fans from all around the world. Players can build anything and explore the infinite worlds of this game.

Minecraft trial for android is a trial version of the Minecraft game. Minecraft game has four modes, and one of them is survival mode. In Minecraft Trial, users can play up to 90 minutes in that survival mode. This mode is for android users. Minecraft trial has a lot of exciting features and options like users can select different graphs which provide a fantastic experience. You can choose using the touchscreen or a remote for controls.

Minecraft Trial is a limited version, and all the players are in love with its features. The gameplay lasts only for 90 minutes, but if you want to play more, you can purchase the premium version of Minecraft Trial.

The gameplay of Minecraft and Minecraft trial is almost the same, and users can build whatever they want by using the blocks. There are different zombies that attack you, and you have to make tools to fight back. The adventure in this game is never going to end.

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