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App name: Monster Legends
Category: Action
Version: 9.4.1
Os: 4.1
File Size:: 110M
Updated: 05-03-2020
Developer: Socialpoint

An Analysis of Monster Legends

Monster Legends is an interesting game that employs the use of 3-D graphics, as well as a gameplay that exposes players to a luxury of choice, thanks to variances available.

The game, with its storyline, involves a continuous battle with different monsters that have different abilities.

The more wins allow for an aggregation of experiences for the player in the game, which in turn allows for more choices in getting better monsters, as the battles and levels get tougher.

Eventually, when player experience peaks at a level, then the level of Monster Master is attained; which is like the highest level, or one of the highest levels, there is.

Graphics and Gameplay

Monster legends does have an interesting graphics – one satisfactory enough for the gameplay the game provides altogether.

In the game, players are faced with multiple battles, after they must have chosen the available monster that best suits their fighting style.

Typically, outside trying to achieve the status of Monster Master, players are presented with different challenges, through monsters, that are to be defeated in order to unlock other parts of the game.

Generally, the game provides players the opportunity to:

  • Varieties of Monsters: The game exposes players to a world of monsters. Players are allowed to have a fighting pattern and find monsters that best suit these patterns. Essentially, each monster has its special power, thereby giving players varieties.
  • Collect Mighty Monsters: As the game progresses, battles are won, and levels are unlocked, players will gradually be allowed the opportunity and luxury to collect more monsters and add to their collection of monsters. This allows for players to equip themselves with multiple fighting abilities, as reflected in the monsters.
  • Build Monsters: Aside from getting monsters with different fighting abilities, players can also develop their monsters and equip them into becoming better fighters; or fighters suiting the players’ fighting expectations and wants.
  • In order to win most of the battles in Monster Legends, it is important to have gold and unlimited money to unlock major monsters.
  • Also, it is important to have enough power to last in a battle, as some opponents have some kind of endurance as a special power.

Download Monster Legends Mod Version

The Mod Version makes Monster Legends even better. It gives players:

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • Unlimited power; and more.


Monster legends remains a worthy game to update game collection with. However, the mod makes it even worthier.

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