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Updated: 15-08-2018

One Hour One Life released by Jason Rohrer is a unique survival game. It is somehow similar to Don’t Starve Together. The game not only focuses on life skills but also raises the humanity and other issues existing in the human society for many years. For this reason, since its existence, the game draws the attention of a large number of gamers. Now download the game to explore the world of One Hour One Life immediately.


One Hour One Life game

Gameplay of One Hour One Life

The society of One Hour One Life is designed like a prehistory one. What you need to do in One Hour One Life is cooperate with other online players to survive and build a new community in the game. Starting the game, you will be an infant and a mother (another player) will pick you up to bring up. After that, you together with your mother start the journey of creating the in-game world with survival activities like crafting, hunting and gathering.

Every in-game life lasts for only one hour. With this little time, you experience different periods in one life: infancy, childhood, adulthood, middle age and old age. In this survival game, your world will be full of natural material such as rock, wood and raw food. Your mission is to make a great effort to invent necessary objects and items from these materials by yourself. More interestingly, when you get old and die, what you have created will be handed down to your descendants. That means although your in-game life ends, the society here still develops based on your previous contributions. In addition, it continues to be changed by players coming after you.

It is impossible for you to play the game alone because you are always in the shape of a baby everywhen you start a new life in the game. You cannot feed yourself and make tools; therefore, you need another one to support you. In other words, the gameplay forces you to work together with other players to survive together.


One Hour One Life gameplay

What you can learn while playing One Hour One Life

With the unique gameplay, there are a host of interesting features in the game for you to learn and explore, for example, life skills, environmental issues and community connecting.

Life skills

It can be easily recognized that players can experience a lot of life skills when playing this game. In particular, from the materials you have collected in the surrounding environment, you generate essential equipment and working tools. Besides, you are taught a wide range of skills including farming, hunting and cloth making. For example, you take different recipes to make wool clothes from rabbit fur or collect stones to build a well. Furthermore, it is necessary for you to arrange all the structures in the most reasonable and creative ways.

Environmental issues

Excitingly, the game gives you an opportunity to experience both the prehistory life and the modern one. When approaching the modern society, you will be involved in the life with highways, robots and other progressive instruments. The process of creating industrial products may cause several unexpected effects on the environment, leading to a lot of harmful consequences. You will clearly recognize all these situations in the game.


One Hour One Life related issues

Community connecting

As above mentioned, the game does not allow you to take part in the single-player mode. Getting started, you are nourished by another one. Then, when you grow up, you also bring up a baby. The human circle goes on so that players together discover the world to establish the human civilization. By and large, no one can exist alone in this world. This feature makes One Hour One Life different from other survival games where players often fight against each other to become the last survivor.

Accordingly, the game sends players a meaningful message of unity and heighten community connection. The situation arising in the game is quite similar to that in real life. You cannot create the world by yourself. You also cannot live or work without any support from other people.


One Hour One Life game features

Can you download One Hour One Life for Android and iOS platforms?

Unluckily, the mobile version of the game has not been released on Google Play and App Store. So now you just can download and play the game on your PC. It is possible that One Hour One Life will come to Android and iOS platforms soon.

One Hour One Life not only is designed for entertainment purposes but also covers meaningful messages. Now download and enjoy the game to experience the online life in one hour and learn how to develop the world in your own way immediately.