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App name: Roblox
Category: Adventure
Version: 2.415.373700
Os: 4.4
File Size:: 91 MB
Updated: 20-01-2020
Developer: Roblox Corporation

Roblox is a popular online platform which enables the kids to create their own game. Roblox is available on multiple platforms like Mac, iPhone, Android, Xbox One, Kindle Fire, and Windows. Kids can make new games for other users to play. It supports multi-user games created by the users. Players can interact with other users while playing the games.

Chat systems in Roblox are moderated, and the messages which sound like attempts to share some personal information, name, and address are automatically filtered out.

But the predators can find some ways to bypass the filters and moderators. You have to talk with the kids about safe online behavior. Supervise your kids to ensure they are not sharing any personal information with random people. The chat window can also be turned off.

Once the kids are 13 or older, they will notice fewer filtered words and fewer limitations on the chat messages. Always keep an eye on the online conversation of your high and middle school-aged child with random people.

Keep an eye on phishing attacks and scammers. Some online thieves try to get access to your online accounts for gaining virtual coins. You can report inappropriate and false activities so that the moderators can handle them.


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