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Version: 1.163895.171312
Os: 4.0
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Updated: 26-07-2018
Developer: NetEase Games

Rules of Survival (RoS) is an F2P battle royale game that was released by NetEase Games. Experiencing Rules of Survival, you will find it a bit similar to PUBG, a celebrated game title worldwide. Actually, for those who love survival games, Rules of Survival is a must-have game on their devices. Keep reading for more information about features of Rules of Survival.

What is Rules of Survival?

Belonging to the battle royale genre, Rules of Survival shows a picture of the battleground where 120 gamers (for Ghillie Island map) or 300 gamers (for Fiord map) will together get involved in a fight. Their missions are to combat other enemies to survive last.

Once the battle starts, a plane will carry you to an island. The first thing you need to do is to parachute into the land. After landing safely, you as well as other players are unarmed for the survival fighting. Therefore, you have to equip yourself with weapons including guns, bullets and armour and other necessary items such as helmets and backpacks. As usual, you have to break into houses where you can randomly collect these things.


Rules of Survival game

Download Rules of Survival

Now Rules of Survival is available on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS.

If you own an Android smartphone and want to download Rules of Survival, you simply search the name of the game on Google Play Store, then download it from the store to your device(s).

On the other hand, as the owner of an iOS smartphone, you can have Rules of Survival download from the App Store. You will not have to pay any fees for downloading Rules of Survival.

So don’t hesitate to download the game to have enjoyable moments!

Everything you need to know about Rules of Survival on a smartphone


At the beginning of the game, you will enter the name of your character. After clicking on Create, you complete the process of creating the character. You now can start to explore the game. The system will show you the instructions on how to play the game. As the tutorial ends, you will access the main screen of Rules of Survival.

Getting on the plane, you turn on the map to see the location of the plane on the island. Then, you can choose a suitable jumping position. You just press the parachute icon to reach the strategic areas for seeking for beneficial items and weapons.


Rules of Survival character

Must-know buttons

Rules of Survival on the smartphone has several important buttons you should keep in mind. Please glance down for more information:

  • Drag the Joystick: This button is located on the left side of the screen. You use this button to move your character.
  • Swipe to adjust your view and aim: Swipe your finger across the screen to control your view and aim
  • Tap to Aim: Click on this button to aim when you pick up binoculars.
  • Tap to Fire: Select this icon to shoot your target.


After downloading and installing Rules of Survival on your device(s), you can open the game to take part in the fight. The game has a total of four servers for you to choose, including NA, Europe, Asia and Japan.

Game modes

Rules of Survival has three modes including Rank, Custom and Zombie. With this game, you can choose to play solo, play in duo or join a 4-people squad. Keep in mind that in case you play solo, the survival battle involves a maximum of 120 people. Meanwhile, the number of players will decrease to 60 people if you select Duo or Squad.

After coming back to Steam store in late June 2018, Rules of Survival offers players a new mode named Death Racing, which is playable on the Ghille map. To play this mode, you need to attend in a team of 4 people. There are four kinds of car with different indicators for players to choose. Depending the team strategy, the team leader will select the most suitable car. During the battle, all the member must stay on the car. The game becomes thrilling because of clashes between teams. The driver needs being skillful in controlling the car while other members seek for items and shoot enemies.


Rules of Survival

How to master Rules of Survival

If you want to dip your toe into Rules of Survival, the instructions below will certainly be your helping hands in winning the battle.

After getting off the plane, you should pay attention to some following points. First of all, you have to loot immediately after landing.

In case you face several enemies with no weapons, please stop looting to murder them without any hesitation. Even if you have nothing in your hand, you can use a fist to kill enemies. The reason is that at this period, your rivals have not been equipped well, so it is easier for you to defeat them.

In the game, weapons are regarded as the most essential items; therefore, you are advised to look for them first. You should focus on looting Shotgun, Thompson, SMG, Rifle and Sniper. All of them are essential weapons for fighting in a short distance. Besides, to pick up numerous items, you need a large backpack. The capacity of your backpack will display on the menu. Additionally, it is also necessary to loot armour and helmet because they help to limit the damage caused by kinds of weapon.


How to play Rule of Survival

A notable thing is the safe zone in Rules of Survival. After a period of time, this zone will gradually narrow. If you go outside the zone, you will suffer from blood loss. Therefore, you have to make a great effort to move inside the safe area. Specifically, it is suggested that you should loot blood restoration equipment, guns and bullets as much as possible. Then, you drive a car or motorbike to the middle of the safe zone.

While looting, you can use numerous vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and bikes that help you move faster. However, you may make some noise when taking these vehicles. Consequently, your enemies possibly see your location and destroy you. So be careful!

In case you are detected and at risk of being shot, it is advisable to quickly determine the direction you want to head, then run in a zigzag line. Don’t move in a straight line to escape from bullets. After that, you quickly move to hide behind a nearby tree, rock or house to wait for the blood restoration.

Rules of Survival is one of the hottest battle games in these days. As a gamer excited about armed combats, you should not miss the opportunity to experience Rules of Survival.