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App name: Sand Balls
Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.5.2
Os: 4.4
File Size:: 65M
Updated: 14-05-2020
Developer: SayGames

Make Way for the Sand Balls

Add variety to your mobile gaming experience with the clean fun brought by Sand Balls. Ditch the fighting arena or fast lane in the mean time for a more chill entertainment.

Sand Balls constitutes three basic elements—balls, sand, and obstacles. The mechanics of the game is pretty simple. Make a path through obstacles to allow as many balls as possible to go through. Guide them throughout many curves and hurdles until you reach the end where a truck or car awaits. Make sure to collect as many balls as you can to collect more diamonds.

Don’t get fooled though. The levels can get challenging as you progress in the game. Avoid holes and other hazards where they can fall into nothingness. You will need to meet the minimum number of balls to collect in order to advance to other levels.

Upgrade your vehicle and balls along the way to get through the challenge with more ease. You will be rated with stars, 1 being the lowest and 3 the highest. This shall be determined by the number of balls to make it to the end. If you manage to gather all the balls then that would automatically earn 3 stars. You can also make use of balloon bombs in the higher levels to help you overcome difficult barriers.


  • Fun and addictive course-based game
  • New worlds opened
  • New levels
  • New cars

A Cute and Fun Visual Treat

Playing Sand Balls is like entering a world full of cute goodness and anything magical. The game’s interface brings a splash of vibrant colors that are truly pleasant to the eyes. It has a relaxing effect that makes it the perfect game for a laid back leisure time.

Sand Balls Mod APK Download Android

This lovable obstacle-ridden game of balls has been making waves among mobile users, especially for Android. Almost a million reviews state how players have loved their experience with Sand Balls. Developed by SayGames, it enjoys more than 100 million downloads and counting! Its bug fixes and performance optimization are always up to date for continuous fun of the players. The game is so wholesome and chill that it can be played by people from 3 years old and above.

Sand Balls Mod APK Unlimited Diamond

Enjoy uninterrupted fun through the levels with Sand Balls Mod APK VIP. Focus on gathering the most number of balls through the obstacles with access to unlimited diamonds. You no longer need to worry about in-app purchases as this download gives it to you for free.

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