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App name: Street Racing 3D
Category: Action
Version: 4.6.6
Os: 4.0
File Size:: 77M
Updated: 27-02-2020
Developer: Ivy

A thorough review of Street Racing game

Street Racing is perfect for every player who loves fast-faced speed racing games. Here in this game, your driving skills will be on the test, keep improving it to become the king of the street. You can compete with your friends and show them why you are the king of the Street Racing game!

Before hitting the road, players will be able to upgrade their cars. This will include enhancing your engine, suspension, the weight of the vehicle, exhausts, and even the tires. The upgrades that will be made to your car will be shown to you through different stats, for example, top speed, acceleration, power, and more.

You get to customize the look of your car. You can go for paint jobs, add stickers to your vehicle, vinyl’s, and more. If you want to go for a new look for your car, you can add neon lights under the car skirt! Well, the customization option is entirely up to you.

Fabulous graphics and sound

The graphics of Street Racing will impress you. You will be roaming around the streets of open cities and race your heart out to win it. Players can take part in a one-on-one race, or else, if you find other vehicles, you can compete with them too. You will be racing in a highly competitive environment, where you will have to prove your rivals that when it comes to racing, no one can beat you!

There are unimaginable challenges and turns, and the background music surely pumps you up while racing.


You will have no problem when it comes to controlling your car. The navigation is easy and smooth. Just don’t forget that you are here to race, and you need to win the race. You will be performing incredible stunts, test your driving skills by getting into different competition mode.

While racing, you will be earning many rewards that will keep you going, you will get to collect coins; there will be diamonds too. Keep collecting them to increase your money meter, and then you can use the coins to upgrade your car. Well, that’s why coins are for.

Download Street Racing 3D mod v4.6.6 now!

If you have what it takes to become the street racing king, then download Street Racing 3D mod v4.6.6 today and enjoy this game to the fullest. Upgrade your turbo engine, change the color of your car, add some stickers and you are all set to win the race.


  • New street theme asphalt racing added.
  • You will be driving more than ten extreme cars.
  • Controls have become very easy and comfortable.
  • You will get to paint your car.
  • High-speed racing mode.
  • Amazing background music.


So, go ahead and download the Street Racing 3D mod v4.6.6 today to enjoy its fantastic gameplay features and race to win!

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