SUDOKU 1000+ Free Puzzle Games

SUDOKU 1000+ Free Puzzle Games

App name: SUDOKU 1000+ Free Puzzle Games
Category: Board
Version: 1.0.1
Os: 4.0
File Size:: 20M
Updated: 11-07-2018
Developer: P.R.O Corporation

"PRO.APP" which famous as a Solitaire Victory delivers new classic

puzzle game SUDOKU 1000+ to you.

All question is solvable.

So, everyone can enjoy this app!

Rule is very simple!

- 1 to 9 numbers in each column to enter one by one.

- 1 to 9 numbers in each row to enter one by one.

- 1 to 9 of the numbers to enter one by one in each block which separated by 3x3.

SUDOKU 100+ is a great SUDOKU app!

- If you are not sure which number is correct, try memo function.

- If you enter incorrect number, use UNDO / REDO.

- There are also other function to help you.

Let and 39;s have a fun with your friend!

- Let and 39;s compete with your friends to share a question.

- When you can and 39;t solve, you share the problem to get help by friends.

- Check the your rank to confirm world ranking.

Let and 39;s play more, train your brain!

- Type of problem is three, a total of 1,600 questions.

- 9x9 is general question. Level is 1 to 10. Each level has 100 questions.

- 6x6 is a little bit easy.

- 4x4 is for beginner.

We recommend to

- Love free game.

- Love puzzule games like as a sudoku.

- Want to increase your IQ.

- Want to train your brain.

Let and 39;s play SUDOKU1000+, train your brain!

PRO Corp.

PRO.APP Puzzle Series

SUDOKU 1000+