Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Arcade Game
App name: Super Mario Run
Category: Arcade
Version: 3.0.10
Os: 4.2
File Size:: 70M
Updated: 09-08-2018
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Super Mario Run is one of the most well-known side-scrolling games. In fact, this game has shattered several remarkable records worldwide. In particular, the Verge, a technology news network in the United States, showed that Super Mario Run reached 40 million downloads after just four days of release on the App Store. Now scroll down to learn more about gameplay, download and tips and tricks of Super Mario Run.


Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run gameplay  

The game story begins when Mario, a professional plumber, receives an invitation to the castle from the Peach princess. You just select the OK button to start the journey to the castle. Immediately after that, Mario will be troubled by a monster that gives words for threating " Bwa ha ha? I'll be taking that cake! And Peach, too!"   

Throughout the game, you will control Mario to overcome in-game enemies like Koopa Troopa, Gooba, Bowser and human eating flowers. Super Mario Run owns the simple gameplay with two primary skills including Touch and Hold. That you touch the screen long will make Mario jump higher and higher.  

In Super Mario Run, there are three main game modes for players to choose, including World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. These modes have different degrees of difficulty and allow you to choose either Single-player or Multiplayer.   

Besides, during the journey to explore the game, you need to carry out missions to unlock in-game characters.  


Super Mario Run gameplay

Download Super Mario Run for Android/iOS devices 

Super Mario Run is now available for Android and iOS smartphone. You can download the game right on this page. For download, you simply scroll up and tap on the upper right corner of the screen. 

Super Mario Run is free to download; however, to discover all the game features, you have to pay a fee. Specifically, for the first three levels, the game allows you to play free, but to experience all the levels, you are required to charge $10.  


Super Mario Run download

Tips and tricks on how to win Super Mario Run for beginners 

How to jump to get numerous points in Super Mario Run 

Jumping skills in the game are quite simple. With one hand, you can control characters. To take a low jump, you give the screen a quick touch. For another way, you let Mario jump automatically.  

On the other hand, for high jumps, you are advised to touch and hold for a long time.  

In case you are confronted with obstacles parallel and close to each other, it is advisable to touch continuously on the screen.  touch continuously 

Besides, it is noted that jumping on a wall or a pile of bricks will change the moving direction of Mario.     

How to unlock characters in Super Mario Run 

There are six characters in total in Super Mario Run you need to unlock: Mario, Toad, Luigi, Yoshi, Toadette, and Peach princess. Apart from Mario, you must overcome obstacles to unlock the five remaining characters. 

How to unlock Toad 

Toad is featured by the ability to run the fastest of the six characters. It is quite easy to unlock Toad. What you need to do is associate your Super Mario Run account with your Nintendo account. First, you create a Nintendo account by filling all the required information. When starting the game, you tap on Link to Nintendo account on the screen. After that, you sign in your Nintendo account. A new window will display; you select Use this account to link Super Mario Run and Nintendo accounts.   

How to unlock Luigi  

The strong point of Luigi is jumping high. This Luigi is unlocked when you build a house for him in the Kingdom Builder mode. For building, you collect necessary main material including 150 green Toads and 150 purple Toads that can be taken from Toad Rally mode.

How to unlock Yoshi 

The way to unlock Yoshi is almost similar to Luigi. Players also build a house with not much material. Just gathering 30 red Toads and 30 yellow Toads, you can make Yoshi unlocked. The strength of Yoshi is rotating in the air longer than other characters. 

How to unlock Toadette 

Toaddette is the most challenging to unlock because you must have all five kinds of Toad in a large quantity for house building; particularly, 200 red Toads, 200 blue Toads, 200 green Toads, 200 purple Toads and 200 yellow Toads. 

How to unlock Peach princess 

You can make Peach princess fly by touching and holding the screen long. To save Peach princess, you have to complete 24 levels of the World Tour mode.  



How to collect coins 

Players can use coins in the game to purchase in-game items for building your own kingdom. There are four main ways for you to gain coins.  

First, spending $10 buying the full version of the game, you will receive 3,000 coins.  

Second, playing Toad Rally mode also helps you earn quite a lot of coins.  

For each level, there are a variety of paths for moving and collecting coins. It is suggested that you try running on all the paths. That means you will play each level several times to get coins as many as possible. 

Last but not least, while jumping, you should follow the arrow to achieve a host of coins. 

In general, with lovely images and simple gameplay, Super Mario Run certainly bring players relaxed moments and interesting experiences. That's also the reason why you should have this video game on your smartphone.