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App name: Tinder
Category: Apps
Version: 10.3.0
Os: Android, IOS
File Size:: 30M
Updated: 05-12-2018
Developer: Tinder

Tinder app is a social user search program that allows you to make a match as you swipe either right or left. It was released on September 12, 2012 to run on either Android or iOS operating systems. Tinder app is a free download app developed by Mike Wigger to use swipes based on other linked accounts, Facebook pictures and short bios. As a tinder user, you will need to swipe likes to the right or a dislike to the left based on the character you perceive from the picture streamed.
Tinder has transitioned as the first swipe app and won the Best New Start-up in Tec crunch’s awards. Once you have matches, the app allows you to have tinder moments with matches by allowing photo exchange. It has coined sister apps like Vina, a woman’s’ only social network. Tinder uses a freemium business model. The model allows free and paid plans on the free download of the app.

How much is Tinder?

Tinder has both free and paid plans even though the initial download is free for this hookup app. Tinder Plus is $9.99 a month for users below 30 years old and for those who are 30 and beyond it costs $19.99. Paid plans have extra features of more user access as well as wider location coverage.
Tinder free download app has a semblance to bumble app which allows the ladies to make a first move to the gentlemen. The remarkable feature of tinder remains its picture swipe and ease of operation.

Features of Tinder on Android Platform

• Designed to get you in a circle with people whom you share interests, communicate and date. This simplicity is its trademark. After a free download of the app on your android device, photos emerge of other users whom you either like or dislike using a swipe.
• The crucial focus of Tinder is the photos that you upload on the app after your free download .The photos must reflect what you feel you are as this is the determinant of whether other users will like or dislike you.
• The settings options are simpler since you will get a drop down on your Tinder app to select the location, age, and gender of your preference so as to filter out those either too far or not to your liking.
Once you download free Tinder app, you are moments away from dating using its amazing straightforwardness and ease of function. Tinder free download app gives you a window of opportunity whether you want to meet new people, have some interesting chats or just hang out.

App Permissions

Tinder has previous and latest versions that require app permissions. The permissions are applicable after you download the free tinder app. The version 10.2.1 apk has need of the following permissions on your Android device.
• Sync to Bluetooth devices.
• Prevent processor from inactivity or booting.
• Access to estimated location and nearest exact location.
• Access networks information like Wi-Fi connection or open system sockets.
• Write to peripheral storage space.

Tinder has earned popularity with its over 20 billion matches. It has the remarkable ability to make you visible and swell your social circle with a swipe. Download free tinder app for Android or iOS to find, chat and date.