Top 10 Hot Apps for Android smartphones in 2018

Top 10 Hot Apps for Android smartphones in 2018

App name: Top 10 Hot Apps for Android smartphones in 2018
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Updated: 18-07-2018

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the popularity of applications for mobile devices. As an Android user, of course, you cannot miss the opportunity to experience the latest apps in 2018. The 10 hot apps for Android smartphones in 2018 below promise to turn your android device(s) into the source of amazing features.

Messenger Kids: a messaging app


Messenger Kids

The Messenger Kids for Android, which was released in early 2018, is a Facebook Messenger version designed for children under 13 years old. The usage of Facebook Messenger Kids is quite similar to Facebook Messenger. A different point is that it can be controlled by parents or other older family members. As a result, parents can prevent their children from communicating with suspicious elements.

An advantage of Messenger Kids is that it neither display ads nor require accounts. Besides, it allows parents to manage their children’s information.

Whatsapp: a Messaging app



The WhatsApp is one of the leading OTT applications that allow users to freely send messages over 3G and Wifi. There are now plenty of mobile users using WhatsApp instead of the default messaging app on their mobile.

Whatsapp is characterized by providing multimedia messaging services, supporting groups and multiple people to chat at the same time and sending offline messages. In addition, Whatsapp work with your phone number only; therefore, you don’t need to set up an account or remember your PIN. Also, Whatsapp will get the list of friends from your contacts. Most notably, you don’t have to pay any international fees or any hidden costs.

Hulu: a movies and videos app


Hulu app

The Hulu is a movie and video application where you can watch movies and TV channels on your mobile device(s) at any time. The app offers over 50 live & on-demand channels including FOX, NBC, Disney Channel, ABC, Cartoon Network, FX and A&E.

With simple installation and modern interface, you can easily access a list of movies, TV channels and networks on Hulu. The addition of “My Stuff” watchlist on Hulu helps you to follow your favorites.

Note: Hulu supports Android 5.0 and above.

Tumblr: a blogging app


Tumblr app

The Tumblr is a social network that enables you to post texts, images, quotes, links, music and videos from your browser, phone and computer. Tumblr is where you can share contents, find creative ideas by exploring posted information. Since its release in early 2007, Tumblr has reached 295.6 million blogs, 134.1 billion posts and tens of millions of shares daily.

Tumblr for Android supports a variety of data types such as images, GIF animations, texts, videos and audios that involve a range of themes including art, music, comedy, design, psychology, politics, science and sports. You can customize titles, fonts and colors on your blog. Tumblr is also a place to easily gain information by checking categories like Popular, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful or searching for keywords. The most special point is that Tumblr is free for all users.

LastPass: a password manager app


LastPass app

The LastPass for Android supports users to manage their passwords on their devices, save their passwords to a secure and private file. The app will store passwords in a separate directory; hence, you no longer have to memorize your passwords. Furthermore, you can create a strong password with LastPass.

Flipboard: a news app


Flipboard app

The highlight of Flipboard is its selection and summarization of hot news from the world’s leading magazines. More fascinatingly, users also can choose to read the entire article instead of reading the short news.

Flipboard supports 12 different social networks, enabling users to receive and share information quickly as well as search for webs and blogs.

Pinterest: a social networking app


Pinterest app

The Pinterest is a free social networking app for Android devices. This app is a huge source of attractive pictures in different fields such as fashion, cooking and traveling.

With Pinterest, you can get a URL for pictures or upload images from your computer. If you are owning stunning pictures on Pinterest, you can choose to share them on Twitter or Facebook. Besides, Pinterest is available on all the browsers and almost all apps that allow enclosing pictures.

Tinder: a dating app


Tinder app

The Tinder is one of the apps bringing the highest turnover for App Store. Even in late 2017, this app surpasses other popular apps like Candy Crush, Netflix and Youtube to get to number one.

Tinder is quite easy to use and bring users fun moments. You just swipe right to show favor to someone and swipe left to ignore another one. If both sides swipe right, Tinder will allow you to chat online with each other. When the relationship makes good progress, you can meet your partner in real life.

PlayStation App: gaming app


PlayStation App

With PlayStation App for Android, you can update latest games and contact with the friends who are eager for games. You are required to have an account for Sony Entertainment Network and PS4 system to use all features of this application.

Installing the PlayStation App, you can see which friends are playing, chat with your friends and receive game notifications and invitations. For PlayStation App, you select the latest games and add-ons and transfer them to your PS4 system. The most interesting thing is that PlayStation App will turn your smartphone into the second screen where you can see the game map, instructions and dialog box while playing PS4 games.

Zomato: a food app


Zomato app

The Zomato was established by a community of travel and food lovers. As one of the handiest applications for traveling, Zomato helps you look for good restaurants and tasty foods in different tourist destinations around the world. This app has an eye-catching interface, an easy-to-use tool for finding restaurants. With Zomato, Android users can view menus, images and reviews from diners. Moreover, Zomato includes a built-in map that leads you to the restaurant fast.

Zomato also recommends fine restaurants and dishes with local flavors that are accompanied by pictures and comments. Therefore, you can handily select a suitable one.

Surely you will discover a host of interesting things from these apps for Android. So don’t hesitate to have them on your device(s).