Top 10 Hot Apps For iOS in 2018

Top 10 Hot Apps For iOS in 2018

App name: Top 10 Hot Apps For iOS in 2018
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Updated: 16-07-2018

Holding an iPhone or an iPad means that you get the whole world in your hand. Over the past 10 years, these smart devices supported by astonishing applications have made a wide and deep impact on our lives. Let’s download and explore top 10 hot apps for iOS in 2018.

Please scroll down to see how the following amazing apps change your iOS devices.

Spotify: music app


Spotify app

This digital music service is where users can access millions of songs, podcasts and videos of famous artists around the world. Spotify Free and Spotify Premium are two packages offered by Spotify. Both of them are usable on various devices like PCs, smartphones, Smart TVs, connected devices, PS3 & PS4, Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Using Spotify Free, you don’t have to pay fees while Spotify Premium requires you to pay an amount of $9.99. However, as a paid service, Spotify Premium surpasses Spotify Free because of several features such as ad-free and offline music listening and unlimited song skips. Meanwhile, with Spotify Premium, you can freely select your favorite songs to listen first.)

Note: Unlimited song skips in Spotify means if you choose to use Spotify Free when enjoying an album, you only can follow available playlists arranged by Spotify.

Groupme: communication and messaging app


GroupMe app

The GroupMe is considered the fastest and simplest way for you to connect with your friends, family and colleagues. Installing Groupme, you can start group chats with available contacts in your phone book. In case of lagging Internet, GroupMe will start receiving your message through the SMS service. As a result, you will not miss any important messages. In addition, you can share your location with all the people belonging to the group chat.

Coffee Meets Bagel: dating app


Coffee Meets Bagel

The Coffee Meets Bagel works as a matchmaker. This app is a good choice for those who desire a serious and long-term relationship. Every day Coffee Meets Bagel introduces you to a potential match for dating. You have 24 hours to decide whether you like to make a date with that person or not. A special point is that all the chats in Coffee Meets Bagel only open in 8 days. It is a way to encourage you to have offline meetings. Like some other dating apps, Bumble is affiliated with Facebook to get your basic details.

Kitchen Stories: food app


Kitchen Stories

The Kitchen Stories is regarded as one of the most interesting apps for culinary enthusiasts. It is also useful for those who want to prepare delicious dishes for their friends and family. This app draws the attention of numerous users by cooking recipes and the share from master chefs and renowned cooking bloggers. Further, owning an eye-catching interface is also an outstanding characteristic of this application.

Xbox: gaming app


Xbox app

Quite a few iPhone or iPad users are excited about this great gaming app. Xbox plays a role as a bridge between members of the Xbox community. Users can join game clubs to interact with other members, see what they are experiencing on Xbox Live, share and update video games and buy hot games from online stores. Apart from connecting the global Xbox community, this app can be used to control Xbox One.

Download Xbox for iOS

Yelp: traveling app


Yelp app

Are you looking for a fast food store? Or a nearby pub? Or a gas station? Yelp for iOS is quite helpful for searching for sites on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Yelp is used to seek restaurants, shops, bars and amusement parks. Users can read reviews and comments from the online community about points of interest.

Calm: health and fitness app


Calm app

The Calm app can be selected as the best anxiety-free application for iPhone. This app supports the concentration and meditation which contributes to bringing joy and peace to life. Calm offers users several services such as instructions on meditation, storytelling, breathing exercises and relaxing music that help relieve stress and get a good sleep. Interestingly, this application simulates sounds of waterfall, rain, and waves. You can open Calm whenever you want to rest and relax.

Pocket Casts: news app


Pocket Casts

With a host of fascinating features, Pocket Casts is really a useful podcast-providing application. This app enables you to search for thousands of podcasts and download them to your iOS devices. It also provides users with a number of services such as automatic download, sync and data backup, Chromecast support, playback speed control, widget control and podcast sharing.

PayPal: payment and money app



Paypal for iOS provides iPhone, iPad and iPod users a convenient and free payment tool. PayPal is the safest platform in the world for online payment service. You do not need to bring cash or other types of credit with you. Therefore, this app can be compared to an electronic wallet on your device(s). PayPal allows you to transfer money quickly. In addition, you can manage your account by checking your account balance and transactions and spend money whenever you need.

VSCO: photography app


VSCO app

The photo-editing application named VSCO Cam is has been widely used. It can also function as the Camera app. With VSCO tools, you get an opportunity to perfect your photos. In particular, VSCO properties of exposure, temperature, contrast, photo cutting, blur and classic light effects strongly support users to create incredible pictures. Besides, this app is featured by its ability to sync images on various devices.

As a smartphone technology enthusiast, you should not miss any of these hot apps for iOS in 2018.