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App name: Township
Category: Simulation
Version: 7.3.0
Os: 4.2
File Size:: 142M
Updated: 27-02-2020
Developer: Playrix

A thorough analysis of the Township game

If you have played Farmville on Facebook before, then you will surely enjoy the Township game. This game is a lot more fun and lets you do more activities than the old Farmville game. This game gives a tough competition to all the other simulation game, where you will be responsible for taking care of your farm, trade your products, and also do all sorts of daily tasks to earn money which will let you invest on other items to keep your farm and township growing.


The premise of Township game is very similar to all the other farming or township simulation game, Township will also begin with simple tasks, but as you level up, you will be seeing your township growing, and you will be doing a lot of activities to keep up with the game pace.

You will build houses; there will be different resources to unlock, for example, eggs, cotton, and wheat. This way, you will be able to increase your population, and you will be able to convert it into a full-fledged township. You will need money to keep growing your township.

Superb graphics and sound

The graphics of the Township game looks impressive. The colors are beautiful, and everything looks attractive. Even though the game is not fully 3D, you will still see that the animation is quite exceptional. Everything is detailed, from trees to animals, every bit of the graphic is accurate. The cheerful graphics make this game a must-play. Even the background music will amaze you.

Play with your friends

If you are on Facebook, and you have other friends playing this game already, you can connect this game to your Facebook account and play along with the rest of your friends. You will be able to visit their township, help them with their supplies, see how their township looks like, and more. If you have more people to play with, it will become easier for you to grow.

Download the new Township mod apk 7.3.0 today

If you are into these kinds of games, you should try Township mod apk 7.3.0 and download the app on your mobile phone. It is available for Android users. This game gives every player a lot of excitement and a great amount of fun.

You will get to engage in different farming activities, you will be able to grow different crops, keep your animals happy by letting them eat, make different food items, and finally keep growing your township. Also, don’t forget to give a name to your township as well.


  • Many new community buildings added.
  • Graphics and sound have improved.
  • You will get to collect ancient artifacts and explore the mine in the town.
  • You can sail to distant islands.
  • You can change the landscape as well.


Township mod apk 7.3.0 keeps you busy for hours. If you would love to see a township grow, we recommend this game to everyone.

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