Why is Elsa the most favorite princess of Disney?
Why is Elsa the most favorite princess of Disney? News

Why is Elsa the most favorite princess of Disney?

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An animation with not one, but two lead female characters. Two sisters who love and care for each other without being saved by a man. The princess did not marry a guy she just met nor was there love because of a glass slipper or rose. Disney has released such a film becoming the highest grossing animated film in history. Throughout Frozen, Anna is a fearless optimist who faces an epic journey teaming up with a mountain man, Kristoff, and his loyal reindeer. They search for Anna’s sister, Elsa, whose ice powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter. Elsa has isolated herself trying to suppress her dangerous powers in fears of becoming a monster. Along the way they encounter Everest like conditions and trolls. Together they battle these obstacles in hopes of saving the kingdom, and Elsa. The popular movie has promoted positive influences to the viewers. Frozen shares the morals of family loyalty and perseverance as well as encourages self discovery and individualism.


When Elsa accidently exposes her hidden ice powers to the community, she convinces herself she is no longer welcome and flees to live a hermitic life. As Elsa journeys on her own however she sings of her self-discovery. She glorifies her new found freedom as she tests the limits of her powers, something forbidden as a young princess. Elsa no longer has restrictions and can claim her own actions. She has a moment of self discovery and identifies herself. This has a positive effect, especially to young teenagers. It demonstrates that being different isn’t a bad thing, and what matters is self-acceptance. When Elsa revealed her powers everyone was fearful and rejected her which lead to her flee. However when Elsa accomplished self acceptance, she proved to the community they were wrong and that she is a kind and effective leader. Teenagers have trouble with identifying themselves, and not being influenced by the words and thoughts of others. Like Elsa, they can reach that state and prove the rest wrong.
Elsa feels happiness and relief that she can now use her powers, which she uses to create beauty and wonder. Now that she has embraced her powers she creates a large castle made of ice, she lets down her tied up hair, and creates a breathtaking crystal blue gown. The beauty she creates represents the joy and freedom she has suppressed for years. She lets go of her coronation accessories which were constraints. The gloves held back her magic, the cape held an authority, and her crown held a queen title. This example transformation shows the beauty one can create if one puts their mind to it.
Frozen also clearly distinguishes the love for family and the love for a boyfriend. Anna continues to be loyal to her sister despite the fact that they have grown apart. She shows perseverance by not giving up on her mission to help Elsa even when many obstacles interrupt her path. Though Anna values romance greatly, the relationship she values the most is the one she has with her sister. Since childhood, Anna loved Elsa and always wanted to spend time with her but was constantly heart broken by Elsa’s rejection. Due to Elsa’s powers, it was deemed too dangerous for them to spend any time together. In the end however, it is through Anna’s sacrifice that saves Elsa. This was the true act of love unlike the cliché first kiss, in which Anna gave up her life for Elsa. This sister connection they share leads Elsa to finally learning how to control her powers.


It was perhaps one of the oddest moments of her life. Anna angled her head around her sister as they both stared at the once glowing indigo doors, now dull and lifeless. The princess remembered seeing the castle filled with the breath of life, alive and brimming with splendors for the eye to see; but it seemed that with the absence of its master, it was like the very lungs of the castle had the wind knocked out of them. It was lifeless and sad, yet still captivating all the same. However, Anna found it odd for the reason that both her and Elsa were standing on one side of a door.
Granted, no one really stood behind this door, but Anna still counted it as an odd moment.
Elsa paused when they reach the top of the staircase. Anna sensed that her sister was slightly distressed. The Queen relented a brief story of what occurred when they captured her while on the sleigh ride up the mountain. Neither of them really wished to continue on the subject, for it brought up a certain distasteful prince and the near death of the Queen. To be frank, the castle before them held many haunting memories.
Why did I bring her here? Elsa wondered.


The Queen did not outstretch her hands like Anna expected, instead the doors opened by themselves and Elsa entered her icy domain. Anna was hesitant to follow, but did so anyway.
“Oh,” Elsa’s voice sounded crestfallen and her shoulders drooped upon the sight.
Scattered all over the floor, lay pieces of the gorgeous fountain that once sat in the middle of the room. The Queen had a haunting suspicion that the Duke of Weselton’s henchmen would wreak havoc on her castle while she was unconscious. Not much of the solid fixtures were damaged, but for what they could deface was tarnished and broken.
An amber glow danced across Elsa’s dress, dazzling Anna as she sat up to take in the full view. She was used to seeing Elsa with a blue look, not as in sad but rather there was always a cool feel to Elsa’s exterior; however, Anna found that the warm and golden appearance fitted her sister’s just as well.
“Oh, Elsa,” Anna repeated. “You should wear that dress more often.”
“But Anna,” the Queen began, “I wear this dress all the time or at least different variations of it.”
“Well, you need take more walks in the sun then. The fresh air will do you some good and maybe you could gain a bit of color.”
Then Anna smirked and Elsa did too, glancing at her sister out of the corner of her eye. They sat there together, watching as the sun set in the sky. And Anna no longer considered it an odd moment rather one she would treasure for years to come.


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