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App name: WWE Mayhem
Category: Action
Version: 1.9.331
Os: 4.0.3
File Size:: 38M
Updated: 01-08-2018

WWE Mayhem is known as a famous fighting game developed by Reliance Big Entertainment, USA. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, which is an American wrestling show.

Have you been ever obsessed by eye-catching performances of WWE? Now this game can be downloaded free from Google Play and App Store. Since this group gave birth to WWE Mayhem, the number of installations on Google Play has achieved more than 5 million. Keep reading to gain more about the gameplay and tips and tricks on playing WWE Mayhem.

What is WWE Mayhem?

Despite being a fighting game, WWE Mayhem is designed according to the Arcade style that looks quite pretty. Every character in the game looks plain, but they own striking features of appearance and talent as well. Holding a diverse system of characters, WWE Mayhem gives you an opportunity to meet celebrated wrestlers RAW and Smackdown ( two main shows of WWE) such as Roman Reign, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Undertaker who is recognized to be a wrestling legend. What players need to do is controlling them to compete and gain the champion of the WWE. With distinctive kickboxing techniques, these wrestling characters promise to show players a range of remarkable performances.

WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem gameplay

For those who ever played WWE Mayhem for PC and console, it is easy to find that there are few differences between these versions and the mobile one. Getting into the game, players will take part in a PvP (Player vs Player) combat on the WWE arena. They have to make a great effort to win the WWE tournament by using their own power along with unique techniques.

WWE Mayhem possesses the simple gameplay. Players will use the Touch & Sweep technology to control their characters to move, attack and defend. Specifically, you touch the right of the screen to attack your competitors; swipe right to give more powerful strikes; swipe right and keep your finger at the same position to perform other skills; touch the left screen to parry blows from your opponents.

After trouncing the adversary, you will receive rewards that will be used to unlock a new WWE character.

The game looks quite easy to play. However, the decisive factor that makes you win over your opponents is the harmonious combination of the skills above. For every strike, the game allows you to accumulate more energy at the lower screen. When the energy bar is full, you can exploit the special skills of each character.

WWE Mayhem gameplay

Tips & tricks for playing WWE Mayhem

For newbies to WWE Mayhem, the tips and tricks below are regarded as indispensable contributions:

Choose the right moment to carry out combo strikes

Combo strikes in WWE Mayhem consist of numerous techniques including hitting, kicking, clinch fighting and grappling holds. To defeat the opponents, you certainly have to combine all these techniques. However, it is necessary for you to learn that combo strikes do not produce the expected results at all times. In particular, when your opponents play in defense, it is advisable not to attack continuously because it causes you to lose much power. Also, your strikes do not inflict any damages to your rivals. Therefore, it is suggested that you just take single strikes.

Only when your competitors no longer focus on defencing do you produce combo strikes immediately. At that time, surely, your opponents will feel dizzy by sudden attacks.

Keep in mind advantages and disadvantages of every character class

In WWE Mayhem, there are six character classes including Wildcards, Brawlers, Technicians, Powerhouses, High Fliers and Showmen. These classes stick to the rule that this class beats another class while that class surpasses another one. For example, Powerhouses are defeated by Technicians, but they can win over High Fliers. On the other hand, High Fliers achieve a victory over Showmen, who are strong enough to knock Brawlers out. Meanwhile, Brawlers easily vanquish Wildcards whereas Technicians lose the battle to Wildcards. Understanding these features of the character classes, you can choose a suitable character for wrestling in the ring.

WWE Mayhem tips

Coordinate superstars in a proper way (Synergy between WWE Superstars)

In WWE Mayhem, if you group superstars in a reasonable way, your team will automatically gain several strengths. In particular, if you make synergy between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles in your team, the winning rate of your team will increase by 5%.

You can get more information about the synergy between characters by going to Superstars. Then, you select a character and click on Synergy. In fact, Synergy is one of the key factors that affect your winning.

Suitably choose the difficult mode

Before another season starts, you are required to choose the difficult mode. No matter which mode you select, you gain rewards if you achieve a victory. However, for the Superstar mode, you will get much more rewards than the Normal mode. Accordingly, playing Superstar mode is also more challenging than the other one. Therefore, in case you choose the most difficult mode, it is essential for you to select an excellent character in your team to take part in the combat. Besides, you need to consider upgrading your characters to enhance the winning rate for the team.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you win WWE Mayhem more easily. If you are excited about wrestling, you are advised to take a chance to get involved in wrestling combats with WWE Mayhem. With several steps, you can have the game on your Android and iOS smartphone. Let’s give it a try!

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