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Intermittent fasting is becoming an increasingly popular trend among health conscious people thanks to the many proven and suspected benefits that it brings. But keeping on track with your fast can be difficult. That’s where Zero apk comes into play.

The Zero app was founded by American entrepreneur Kevin Rose to help people keep track of their fasting, as well as to learn more about the practice and how it can be beneficial.

What is intermittent fasting?

The practice of intermittent fasting is where you refrain from eating for a set period of time – usually 16 hours, and then have a period of time where you can eat. The most common way of doing this is the 16:8 cycle, where you will have an 8 hour feeding window to ensure you’re getting enough calories to sustain yourself.

Many people choose to do this two consecutive days per week and only eat around 500 calories on the two fasting days. The rest of the week they eat a normal, healthy, balanced diet. There are many other cycles that can be followed, however, such as the circadian cycle in which you refrain from eating for 13 hours – generally from after dinner to breakfast the next morning.

Some people even choose to do 36-48 fasts around three or four times per year in order to encourage cellular rejuvenation.

Why do people do intermittent fasting?

The benefits of intermittent fasting are diverse. First of all, doing even short 12 hour fasts (including sleep) have been proven to assist in weight loss. This is because your body depletes its insulin reserves and begins burning fat for energy. This is particularly effective at reducing belly fat. A fascinating thing to point out is that while the body burns fat during fasting, it does not burn muscle mass. In fact, it has been shown that muscle mass actually increases from fasting.

Increased Focus: Alongside burning fat, people who engage in intermittent fasting report greatly heightened focus. This is because the body and mind enter a kind of ‘survival mode’ when fasting. The body assumes that food is scarce and thus it will have to burn energy much more efficiently while you ‘hunt for food’.

Our ancestors only ate a few times a week, but they ate a lot when they did. They had to hunt and therefore the body had to be very efficient at distributing resources. It also had to make sure you were very focused on the task at hand, because failure would mean almost certain death.

Intermittent fasting makes your brain rely more on ketones, which in turn make you focus much more effectively.

Cellular rejuvenation: Perhaps the most fascinating thing about intermittent fasting is autophagy. This is the process where cells begin to recycle themselves, doing away with any faulty components. This is a natural process, but fasting for longer than 14-16 hours activates it and thus your body begins a cycle of rejuvenation.

This makes your cells much more resistant to stress and illness and is considered to be a means of extending your lifespan. It might seem like a paradox, but the body becomes much stronger in a fasted state.

Think about it, we were not designed to wake up and begin force feeding ourselves while sitting in one place all day and snacking in-between. We were designed to eat around one meal a day and hunt for it.

Youthful glow: Fasting has been known to make the faster look more youthful thanks to the autophagy process mentioned above, and thanks to your body being more economical. This is something that, coupled with weight loss, has made intermittent fasting extremely popular within the natural health community.

How does Zero help with intermittent fasting?

Whether this is the first time you’ve read about intermittent fasting, or you’re already a pro, the Zero app will still be of use to you. The app allows you to start a timer that will then keep going until your fast is over. You can set the timer to various fasts, such as the 16:8 cycle, or the 20:4, or the 13:9 (circadian) cycle.

The Zero app for Android also allows you to track your previous fasting success so that you can keep a rhythm going. It also shows you how many other users are fasting at the present moment. This gives you a little inspiration to keep going in those more difficult moments where hunger starts to creep in.

The app also provides dozens of helpful articles related to studies that demonstrate the benefits of fasting, as well as how to effectively fast, what to eat when you break your fast, and more.

The Zero app also connects to your health app on your Android so that you can track your weight more easily. You can see all sorts of useful stats related to how long your average fast is and you can collect badges to show your progress as these stats increase.

Finally, the Zero app is totally free to download and use. There are no in-app purchases, and not even any ads. It’s all free and developed so that you can have a handy tool to help you fast. Now that’s cool.

To download it, simply follow our link to the Google Play Store. Good luck with your first (or next) fast!


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