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Updated: 11-08-2018
Developer: Netflix, Inc.

Netflix, an American internet entertainment service, has achieved 130 million followers and half of them are located in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is estimated that about 200 countries around the world have used the service offered by Netflix until now. Don’t miss the chance to download Netflix apk for your mobile to enjoy the latest movies.

Netflix is a perfect mobile application for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. You will get an opportunity to enjoy a large number of high-quality copyrighted videos when having Netflix on your smart devices such as Android/iOS smartphone, tablet and 4k resolution TV.


Download Netflix apk version

Netflix membership

Having the Netflix membership, you can watch unlimited videos and movies for free for the first month. After a month of using the Netflix Free Trial, you need to pay a fee based on the Netflix plans you take.

Netflix plans decide how many devices you can use for streaming concurrently and whether you can watch movies with SD (Standard Definition), HD (High Definition) or UHD (Ultra High Definition). Netflix provides three membership plans and one extra plan named DVD Plan.

  • Basic Plan: you can watch in SD on only one screen each time
  • Standard Plan: you can watch in HD on two screens at the same time
  • Premium Plan: you can watch in HD or UHD on four screens at the same time
  • DVD Plan: Only members in the United States can sign up to use the service.

Download Netflix apk for PC, Android and iOS smartphone

Download Netflix App for PC

To watch movies and videos on PC, you search for the website of Netflix and sign up to become a Netflix member.

For another way, you can install an Android Emulator on your PC. One of the best Android emulators is Bluestacks app. Before using this app, you need to use your Google account to sign up. Next, open the app and search for Netflix app for PC in the Play Store icon below the search bar. Click on the Install button to have the Netflix app on your PC. Now, open the Bluestacks, click on Netflix Logo and start enjoying videos or movies you want to watch.

Download Netflix apk version for Android devices

Now you can download Netflix apk version for Android devices from our website. Just tap on the Download button at the upper right corner of the screen, then you will own this convenient app on your Android smartphone.


Netflix apk for Android devices

Download Netflix ipa version for iOS devices

Similar to Netflix .apk version, you can download Netflix for iOS device from our website.

Download movies and videos from Netflix for offline watching

  • Before downloading movies, you should update your Netflix app by clicking on the app.
  • Choose the download quality: Standard or High quality. You select the menu icon on the left, then click on App Settings. Next, tap on Video Quality and select the quality you desire.
  • Select the movie you want to download: Click the Menu button, tap on Available for Download. A wide number of movies that you can download will display.
  • Select the Download icon to start downloading
  • Open My Downloads: Click the Menu button, you can find My Downloads and list of movies you have downloaded. Click on the video thumbnail and now you can watch your downloaded movies.

Outstanding features of Netflix

There are many advantages that Netflix brings to you when you use this service.

Be affordable

Despite owning quite a few fascinating properties, Netflix services are quite cheap; only 8 dollars a month for the Basic Plan. In addition, you can share the member password with your friends or family. Also, Standard Plan and Premium Plan require users to pay an affordable amount of money, specifically, 10$ for the former, and 12$ for the latter.

Be ad-free

No matter which Netflix package you select, you can watch videos and movies comfortably without being interrupted by advertisement.

Be convenient to use

Netflix has a movie recommendation system based on the users’ movie history. You will not waste time to search for your favorite movies. Instead, the system will analyze and suggest the similar movies.

Watch content offline

It is regarded as a prominent characteristic of the Netflix app. You will be allowed to enjoy wonderful movies and shows in case you are on the go and cannot access the Internet.


Netflix download

What’s more about Netflix

Netflix app receives a host of positive responses for its beautiful design, fast speed, quick buffering and good-quality images. Furthermore, the content provided by Netflix runs more smoothly than many other online video streaming services. In the coming time, Netflix is about to add approximately 700 original television shows. Michael Olson, who is one of the most bullish Netflix analysts on Wall Street, said that the arrival of these 700 shows expressed Netflix’s great attempt at providing non-copyright content for users.

All of these things make sure that once you use Netflix, you will have a fantastic experience. So do not hesitate to try using this amazing service.