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App name: Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Category: Arcade
Version: 1.9.3
Os: 5.0
File Size:: 106M
Updated: 21-09-2020

Download the latest version of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and experience a hiking game like you’ve never before! Climb the steepest mountains while stuck in a pot using only a hammer!

Challenging puzzle and hiking games have always been very stressful for many. These types of games love to torture players to the point where many rage quit! However, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy took it to another level when it was released in October 6, 2017. Today, it remains one of the hardest games of all time!

So, how can a simple hiking game be hard? First of all, you’re stuck in a pot as a player. Then, your only tool is a hammer which you’ll use all throughout to climb steep mountains! The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to master the physics of the game and to have a perfect control of your tool. However, this isn’t a game for the faint-hearted! But if you’re brave enough to try something new, then this is for you!

The Most Difficult Hiking Game Ever

One day, Bennett FOddy had an idea of creating a game so excruciatingly hard, that he just had to make it. The product is a simple yet insanely difficult game called Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. It was released in 2017 yet it has remained popular even today. Plus, it’s available now in consoles, PC and mobile phones as well.


The story of the game goes like this: Your name is Hans Bohr, 28 years old and a carpenter. The story is filled with betrayal and anger as Hans was thrown into the ocean by his former co-worker who now holds a grudge. Thankfully, Hans survived but has now drifted into the ocean and into an island. He must now use every tool he has to climb up the mountain into civilization. Can you help Hans get back to reality and reclaim his position?

Features of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is an interesting and unique game that takes advantage of realistic physics and story. Here are its features:

Unique Gameplay – Perhaps we’ve all been there. When we’re most down, we tend to be down for a long time. However, the game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy teaches us that it’s not impossible to get up against all odds. When Hans Bohr was thrown into the ocean and had his feet cut off, we thought he had lost all hope. Yet, here he is with nothing but a pot stuck to his body and a hammer. He stands against the tallest mountains he’s ever seen in his entire life yet he isn’t afraid. This unique gameplay is unprecedented which is why the game is so popular.

Realistic Graphics and Physics – This game makes use of realistic physics and graphics to satisfy its players. In here, you’re stuck in a pot and only has a hammer as an equipment. If you think this game would be easy, think again. The game has been designed to bring the most painful experience ever in the form of a game! In here, you’ll need to make precise movements and understand physics in order to go past the obstacles. But the most difficult part would be the fact that there’s no save button in here. This means that if you fall, you’re going back to the starting line. Combine that with the steepest rocks and mountains and you’re in for the most challenging game ever!

Simple Controls – In here, you can’t move your character directly. You can only move the hammer. This is what you’ll use to navigate through the steep mountains and obstacles. The controls are relatively easy but the challenges are hard. For some, it may even prove to be impossible completing this game unless you spend hundreds of hours on it.

Various Stages – In the game, you’ll encounter tons of milestones in which the game saves your progress. There’s the Devil’s Bottom at the start of the game where you’ll spend around 30 minutes to complete this stage. In here, you’ll be adjusting as a new player and you’ll encounter relatively easy obstacles. Then, there’s the Devil’s Chimney which is one of the hardest stages to conquer in the game. In this location, you’ll need to make use of your every ounce of strength in order to make past the seemingly impossible rocks. Next is the Devil’s Orange where you should take your time. Lastly, the Devil’s Slope is one of the hardest as well.


Sound effects – What makes this game so interesting is the fact that the creator of the game himself is the one narrating. Every so often, you would hear him speak about some philosophical thoughts that go well with what you’re currently experiencing. Couple this with the subtle sound effects you’ll hear and you’re in for a ride!

No Internet Connection Needed – Another thing that makes this game so simple is the fact that you can play it without an internet connection! This isn’t a multiplayer game so it only makes sense.

Tips for Playing Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Don’t Rush – In this game, patience is truly a virtue. This game will truly test your patience as you navigate through treacherous rocks and valleys. However, you’ll find most often that being in a rush would only do you harm.

Master the Controls – The controls in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is simple. But the gameplay is what makes it so hard. You need to practice a lot in order to get used to the controls.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Price and Download Links

For PC ($7.99):

For Android ($4.99):

For iOS ($4.99):


If you like torturing yourself over difficult games, then Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is the perfect match for you!


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