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Looking for some creative fun? Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for mobile now to get the best experience on Android and iOS, right in the palm of your hand.

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Updated: 05-07-2018
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Download Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) for Mobile

Minecraft is a game that really needs no introduction for most people. Even those who have never played video games still know what it is just because it’s that popular. Everyone has a little brother, or a friend, or a mother or uncle who has played Minecraft.
The game has more than 120 million players around the world and is appropriate for all age groups. Not only that, all age groups actually want to play it because there’s no other game that crosses boundaries so fluidly and gives such an awesome gaming experience so effortlessly.
Mojang’s Minecraft is a masterpiece, and one that will go down in history as a game that defined many childhoods and influenced many games in its wake. Who doesn’t want to be given unlimited freedom to create whatever they want in a world four-times the size of the Earth?

What is Minecraft PE?

For those who don’t know, or for those who don’t know then details, Minecraft is a game where you have no structured mission system or storyline. Instead, you occupy an expansive world where you can mine pixelated blocks to find resources and then build things out of them.
You’re free to build whatever you want, be it a house, a castle, or an entire town. You’ll also have to keep your character safe from the monsters that roam the world at night, as well as keep him fed so he doesn’t starve. This is the ultimate open-world game which allows you to delve into a new world and make friends along the way while getting to express your creativity to new heights that are previously unseen. This is Minecraft.
There are different game modes that will give you a different experience when playing the game.

SURVIVAL MODE: This is the main mode of play and the recommended one for players new to the game. In it, you can mine and build whatever you want and explore the vast world at your leisure, but you’ll also have to learn to battle the zombie and other monsters that inhabit this world.
In Survival Mode, your character needs to eat and it’d be best if you had a house for them to rest as well. This is the mode that players will feel the most responsibility in. It’s also more challenging than the other modes because you are vulnerable to death!
CREATIVE MODE: This is a little different. In Creative Mode, you have unlimited resources, meaning you don’t need to mine or even explore much. You can simply build whatever you want. This mode is focused on allowing players the chance to build wonderful creations, without having to spend lots of time taking care of their character.
As a result, you cannot be killed by monsters and you will never go hungry, making gameplay much more relaxed and less challenging.
Once you’ve build something incredible, you can send it to Mojang and if they think it is good enough they might even feature it in their official channels.
LAN MODE: This is where you team up with your friends in a local online game so that you can collaborate and build things together. You can explore and fight together and help each other out, or you can compete against one another. You can decide the rules of the world to some extent in this mode.

Minecraft PE Mods

If you want to make the game even more fun, you can download the BlockLauncher app from the Google Play Store. This will allow you to add mods to the game. Mojang doesn’t officially allow mods on Minecraft PE, but you can get them through this launcher app. You’ll also need Minecraft PE installed on your phone to use BlockLauncher.
Mods allow you to change aspects of the game. This can be something small, like allowing your character to fly or have access to a portal gun for teleporting around the map, or it can add in whole new biomes to the Minecraft world, totally changing the way you explore and the animals you encounter.
You can even turn the Minecraft world into an enchanted forest, full of elven looking buildings and animals. This is a great way to get even more out of the Minecraft game.

The wrap-up

So, now that you know a little bit about Minecraft PE, download it onto your Android or iPhone by following the links on this page to the official app stores for those respective devices. You’ll love Minecraft PE, enjoy!