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Updated: 05-07-2018
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Despite having been brought into the world by Mojang long ago, Minecraft still has drawn the attention of a great number of players and is always regarded as one of the most famous sandbox games in the world. Quite a few players become so excited about Minecraft because it gives them the best opportunity to promote their creativity. If you are eager for creative games, then please don’t hesitate to download Minecraft to gain the most wonderful experience.

What you need to know about Minecraft

Minecraft is a huge-size opened world that is nearly impossible for you to completely cover.  Coming to Minecraft, you will live in the world of amazing square blocks where you must do everything for survival including fighting, seeking for food and building houses. The square blocks in Minecraft allow you to freely produce new ideas to build innovative constructions.

Besides, Minecraft players have a chance to experience different careers such as cutting wood, farming and breeding.


Download Minecraft

To start the game, first of all, you need to create a new word. When “Select World” screen appears, please click on “Create New World”. Then, you will see three boxes including World Name, Game Mode and More World Options. Of these boxes, World Name and More World Options are optional while Game Mode is required. There are three Minecraft game modes including survival mode, hardcore mode and creative mode.

  • Survival mode: Players collect resources and food, and create structures for survival. Monsters will arrive at night, so players need to find out a safe place to shelter. In the survival mode, you can see your character’s hunger level, blood loss and difficulty in breathing. In the game, players can themselves create types of item such as weapons, clothes and daily tools that are aimed at fighting against wild beasts. Killing animals like Ender Dragon and Wither will help you to get a lot of points.
  • Hardcore mode: It is similar to survival mode but players have only one life. Specifically, if your character dies, then your Minecraft world will be eliminated.
  • Creative mode: This mode does exactly what it says on the tin. It mainly exploits the creativeness of players. You do not waste your time to go around the Minecraft world to collect necessary materials. With available unlimited resources, players are allowed to build and destroy blocks. With this game mode, you will play a role as an architect with the task of producing great works.

Next, by clicking on “Create New World”, you can play Minecraft with the selected game mode.

How to move in Minecraft

Regarding game controls in Minecraft, you consider the following basic buttons:

  • W: Go forward
  • S: Step backward
  • A: Go to the left
  • D: Go to the right
  • E: Open the trunk
  • Shift: Hide or bend
  • Right mouse: Place blocks or use items
  • Left mouse: attack, destroy and collect weapons and items

Besides, you can change these buttons into arrow buttons. To do that, you enter Option > Control and

In addition, you can get the information about the list of Mobs in Minecraft here.

Download Minecraft for Android and iOS

How to download Minecraft for Android


Download Minecraft for Android

First, you go to Google Play Store and search for Minecraft. After that, you choose to download Minecraft by Mojang to download Minecraft for Android.

However, to have Minecraft on your device, you will have to pay a fee for downloading. You follow several simple steps offered by Google Play Store, then you can download and enjoy the game.

How to download Minecraft for iOS


Download Minecraft for iOS

To download and play Minecraft on your iOS device, you just go to App Store, search for Minecraft and download it. Downloading Minecraft from App Store also requires you to pay an amount of money.

If you are a video game lover, Minecraft is a must-have game on your smartphone. With the above-mentioned instructions on how to download and install Minecraft, hope that you can get it and enjoy all the fun moments of this stunning game.



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