Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, you must have encountered the GTA Vice City Mobile Game. It has received unending accolades from gaming enthusiasts due to its error-free simulation, topnotch 3-D graphics, and attractive sound effects.

App name: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Category: Arcade
Version: 1.07
Os: 2.3
File Size:: 10M
Updated: 15-06-2018
Developer: Rockstar Games

GTA Vice City’s Engrossing History

GTA Vice City was developed in 2002 by the Rockstar North. Global gaming enthusiasts received it well particularly due to how it uniquely blended action and adventure scenes. It was released in 2006 by the Rockstar Games.
Interestingly, there were 5 other titles of the 3-D GTA series but none of them got an impressive reception like the Vice City Edition! If you want to know why this particular title became so popular, you should continue reading this. Better still, download the mobile game and marvel at the mind-blowing graphics!

Why is the GTA Vice City Mobile Sensational?

Are you wondering why GTA Vice City got everybody in the gaming industry talking? Well, if you engage in a single session of this game, you’ll opine that it has one of the most engaging storylines in the industry.
It’s set on the open-world with an incredible simulation of the Vice City. The background is characterized by state-of-the-art buildings, pavements, trees, and pedestrians.

Once in a while, you’ll see airplanes landing and taking off. Also, fights may break out in the town!

What a diverse game GTA Vice City is!

While it’s not the first to use the 3-D graphics concept, it’s pretty obvious that it stands out from the rest. It’s easy for the players to get immersed in the game due to its real-like driving environment—the player must observe all the traffic rules or risk being busted by the police.

What makes it even more interesting is the perfect blend of different environments. When gaming, you can drive on roads along oceans, rivers, deserts, or busy towns. How close these environments are to each other is phenomenal.
Also, the diversity gives the player a chance to break the monotony without necessarily having to pause the game.

An Interesting Storyline: GTA Vice City Mobile

Vice is a fictional city in Miami. It’s characterized by cool ocean breezes, well-manicured lawns, smooth roads, and exceptionally beautiful landscapes.

The game starts when Tommy Vercetti is released from prison. After the release, he’s determined to destroy the individuals who ambushed him leading to his misfortunes.

To achieve this, he’ll use third parties to find those responsible for his arrest. While at it, he’ll start establishing a criminal empire to control all criminal gangs in the city.

The characters can either move on foot or by automobiles. In some instances, the criminals may hi-jack car users to get a vehicle for pursuing their targets.

These dynamics make the game look pretty authentic and you can be certain that it’ll offer an unforgettable gaming experience!

Highly Engaging Gameplay

This game is relatively challenging but that’s exactly why it’s interesting! It’s played from a 3rd person perspective where you’ll be engaged in missions on behalf of Tommy. You can walk, jump, drive, or even fly with the solitary goal of achieving your mission.

Every mission is characterized by difficulties that you have to overcome. For example, you have to dodge the police, rob banks, and get a car to complete the mission.

It becomes ugly when you discover that controlling the car is a pretty tough assignment. For beginners, hitting the trees alongside the road or going off-road is normal. Just be keen to find your way out of the mess and continue with the mission.

Apart from cars, players can control boats, planes, motorcycles, and helicopters. This diversity makes the game interesting and highly engaging.



The Creative “Empire Building” Element

Besides the missions, you’ll be required to make money and build an empire. To achieve this, you can operate businesses on all the properties acquired from the enemies. The businesses can range from offering security, brothel services, or smuggling illegal compounds.

Since some of these activities are illegal, you’re empowered to bribe the police and escape punishments. As such, you must get a lot of treasures to help maneuver through the Vice City.

Eye-Catching Graphics and Irresistible Sound Effects

This game utilizes 3-D graphics that have been expertly incorporated to highlight the excellence of the game. The palm trees, the grass, the streetlights, and everything else in this Vice City appears incredibly authentic.
Also, the sound effects are remarkable. You’d be forgiven to believe the characters are having real conversations!

Unique Features of GTA Vice City Mobile

GTA Vice City Mobile supports both Android and iOS operating systems. It boasts of improved control systems and better graphics. Here are other exceptional features that make the game outstanding:

• Multiplayer Mode. This game can accommodate 6 players through Wi-Fi ad-hoc mode
• Open-World Concept. This game mimics the open world. In Vice City, you can find anything present in any modern city—be it airplanes, buses, hotels, beaches, or tall buildings
• Adequate Lighting and Topnotch Graphics. The lighting system of the GTA Vice City Mobile is superb! Both the night and daytime mode have light systems that mimic the real environment
• Easy Controls. It has never been this easy to play GTA Vice City on your mobile devices. You can shoot, run, jump, or undertake any other activity simply by tapping on your screen
• Easy to Customize Controls. If you want to customize the controls of the game, all you need is to change the settings. Place the keys whenever you want on your screen in seconds!
• Better Aiming and Shooting Tactics. The game has new ways to aim and shoot your target which makes completing your missions a breeze


The GTA Vice City Mobile remains one of the most celebrated game releases globally. It offers marvelous graphics and incredible city simulation.
While the missions may be challenging, they are highly engaging and you’ll enjoy every minute you spend gaming.