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Updated: 22-07-2018

You own an Android smartphone, but sometimes, you have some difficulties in updating the latest information from Google, Gmail and Youtube. For this reason, you need the support from Google Services. So which tool from Google Services should be chosen to solve your problem? It is the Google Account Manager that possesses a host of dominant characteristics. Look at the article below to explore the working manner and strong points of the app.

What is Google Account Manager?

Google Account Manager is regarded as a useful tool for managing and synchronizing the data from your Google accounts on your Android smartphone. Installing Google Account Manager .apk file will support you to remove FRP Lock and get the latest update from Google, thus helping your device run more smoothly.

This tool can be compatible with every Android device above the version 6.0.


Google Account Manager

Why should we use Google Account Manager?

This app is an indispensable part of the Android operating system. Until now, millions of people around the world choose to use this app. In fact, it is featured by the following points.

Synchronizing data

First all of, the major function of this app is to manage your accounts. In particular, Google Account Manager allows you to retain all the data and settings in Google if you transfer from this Android smartphone to another one. Additionally, you still have your downloaded games and apps when logging in your account on a new device.

Bypassing FRP

Have you ever failed to access your device due to Factory Reset Protection Lock (FRP)? FRP Lock is a form of security that is specially designed for Android 5.1.1 and above. The main purpose of FRP is to prevent other people stealing data from your device. But sometimes, FRP lock may get yourself into trouble. For example, in case you reset your device, your phone will be locked by FRP. To get rid of this lock, you are required to fill the login information of the previous Google account. So what happens if you forget your account password?

Don’t worry so much. The most effective solution for this issue is the installation of Google Account Manager. As we mentioned above, this app will save your Google Accounts. Therefore, even when you cannot remember every necessary detail, you still can access your device.

Offering an easy-to-use interface

The app shows a user-friendly interface where options are arranged reasonably. As a result, users will find it quite easy to use.


How to use Google Account Manager

Free of charge

Last but not least, Google Account Manager is a free app. You don’t have to spend any amount of money on downloading and installing this convenient app.

Which devices supported by Google Account Manager?

This app shows the good compatibility with the following devices. First, it can be installed on types of Samsung Galaxy such as Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, Samsung C9, Samsung C9 Pro and Samsung J7 2017. Apart from Samsung Galaxy, other kinds of devices including Sony Xperia, LG, Motorola and Alcatel.

How can you download Google Account Manager .apk file?


How to download Google Account Manager

You can download Google Account Manager .apk file from various sources. However, because these sources are considered to be unreliable by Android devices, a warning will display on the screen to ask whether you want to download the app from unknown sources. To complete the installation, you open Settings, click on Security and enable Unknown sources. For the last step, you open the apk file and install it.

In conclusion, Google Account Manager brings quite a few distinctive features that are helpful for your Android device(s). If you want your smartphone to be more and more convenient, please download this app immediately.