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App name: Shadow Fight 2
Category: Action
Version: 1.9.38
Os: 3.0
File Size:: 88M
Updated: 03-08-2018
Developer: NEKKI

Shadow Fight 2 is a role-playing fighting game that is available on Android and iOS platforms. In fact, there are several versions of Shadow Fight, but only two versions including Shadow Fight 2&3 have existed till now. Of these two versions, Shadow Fight 2 creates a strong impression on the gaming community due to its splendid gameplay and unique graphics. Since the game was officially released in 2014, it is estimated that the game has achieved hundreds of millions of download.

The fighting genre reminds us of a list of well-known game titles such as Gods of Rome, King of Fighter, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. Along with these games, Shadow Fight 2 is one of the most impressive games of this genre.

Shadow Fight 2

Game description

Shadow Fight 2 is located in Japan and carries a thrilling game story. The game tells about the challenging journey of an arrogant samurai who was successful in defeating all the opponents he confronted. As a result, he desired to get into a fight with a redoubtable opponent. The story comes to a climax when he accidentally opened the Gates of Shadow where dozens of monsters reside. Ironically, these monster changed him into a shadow. Therefore, for survival, he must start a hazardous journey to fight against numerous monsters released from the Gate.

There are a total of 5 main game modes in Shadow Fight 2: Tournament, Survival, Duels and Challenge and Ascension. Besides, the game covers several special modes such as Underworld and Eclipse.

What makes Shadow Fight 2 fascinating


In-game buttons

It is quite simple to control your character in the game. There are 8 control buttons on the left, one punch button and one kick button on the right for you to use on your smartphone. Having a skillful combination of all the buttons, you can perform a range of eye-catching techniques.

Ways of fighting

In Shadow Fight 2, there are 4 fundamental ways for fighting your rivals. First, you can fight with your hands (punching). Second, you choose to hit them with your foot (kicking). In addition, the game provides you with long-range weapons (projectiles) and magic.

In early matches, you will not face too many difficulties in defeating your opponents. Just getting some basic knowledge of functions of in-game buttons, you can win over your rivals. Nevertheless, it is essential for you to learn how to use sophisticated techniques that significantly support you in braving other strong opponents in following matches.

How to play Shadow Fight 2

Use of weapons

In fact, the kickboxing in Shadow Fight 2 is not too complex, thus not wasting you much time on practicing. However, the highlight of the game is specific buttons designed for throwing projectiles and using magic. To be equipped with this type of weapon, you are forced to overcome the first two matches.

However, as a martial arts game, Shadow Fight 2 usually focus on fighting techniques. Therefore, the game rule restricts you to utilizing projectiles and magic. Specifically, for every match, you are allowed to use a maximum of three projectiles. The attacks by damaging weapons from afar also will not cause serious injuries for your opponents. Their major function is to harass and prevent enemies in case they hit you too violently.

Similar to other role-playing games, Shadow Fight 2 gives you a chance to upgrade your weapons and armor. There are hundreds of items and weapons in the game for players to upgrade and use, for example, helmet, amor, Composite Sword, Dragon’s Roar and Blood Reaper. Each kind of weapon has its own characteristics and fighting style. After every match, players will earn a certain amount of money to enhance or buy tools. However, besides items that can be purchased by in-game money, sometimes you have to spend real money purchasing some other ones.

Shadow Fight 2 gameplay


Designed with 2D graphics, graphics in Shadow Fight 2 is not too magnificent but it still makes a strong impression on players. All the characters in the game are not designed with colorful clothes. Instead, the black is selected as the primary color in the game. You will witness dark shadows fighting against each other on the setting with various colors. With vivid physical movements and techniques, players feel as if they got involved in an ancient world of martial arts.

In addition to images, the sound in Shadow Fight 2 is extremely lively. The sound of weapons crashed into each other and powerful kickboxing contributes to creating a bustling arena. Another notable point in Shadow Fight 2 is the music that is the harmony of rock music and ancient music throughout the game.

Shadow Fight 2 graphics

Download Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is currently available on Google Play and App Store. You can quickly download the game right on this page of by scrolling up and tapping on the Download button on the upper right corner.

If you are excited about spectacular martial arts performed on famous movies, it is advisable not to miss the chance to experience Shadow Fight 2.

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